Hydrogen Fueled Hyperion XP-1 Introduced

Car fairs also got their share from the coronavirus epidemic that was effective all over the world. While many activities around the world were canceled, these events included the New York Inter-Country Car Fair.

US-based car manufacturer Hyperion Motors introduced the new hydrogen-fueled car XP-1, which is planned to appear at the fair, albeit late.

Standing out from science fiction cinemas, the XP-1 can travel more than 1600 kilometers with a single hydrogen tank.


The car, which converts stored hydrogen into electricity, can reach speeds of 355 kilometers per hour. Hyperion XP-1 takes only 0 seconds to accelerate from 100 to 2.2. Only 300 cars, which will be produced, are expected to hit the road by 2022.

"Aeronautical engineers have long understood the advantages of hydrogen, the most abundant and light element in the universe, and now consumers will be able to experience these advantages with XP-1s," said Angelo Kafantaris, founder and CEO of Hyperion. said. Angelo Kafantaris also said the hydrogen fuel potential will revolutionize the car branch.

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