ContiConnect: Fleet Tire Monitoring Program


The company, with its "ContiConnect" digital monitoring system, allows you to monitor vital data such as tire pressure and temperature of all vehicles in the fleet at any time.

As soon as the ContiConnect Yard enters the fleet park, it transfers the detection and analysis of tire-related problems to fleet managers. In this way, long-term failure of the tires in the fleet vehicles is prevented, and the tire change periods arezamand increased carcass coating capability.

Commenting on the new technology, Nikolai Setzer, Continental Board Member and Tire Cluster Leader, said: “ContiConnect is the starting point for Continental as a broader tire data services provider. With this digital tire monitoring platform, we take a real big step from premium tire manufacturer to becoming an analysis provider. “We enrich our long years of experience in tire segment, starting with truck, bus and grader tires, with data from sensors”.


One of the biggest single expense of the fleets of Tire said that Turkey Continental Truck Tires Sales Manager Hartwig Kühn, said that the most valuable part of the Continental tire sensor conticonnect ™ system. “Continental tire sensors help reduce tire-related breakdowns in traffic by detecting air loss, one of the biggest causes of tire failure. Because the carcass life of tires with 20 percent lower air pressure is reduced by 30 percent. At this point, regular control of air pressure minimizes tire wear and extends tire life. In addition, ensuring the correct tire pressure ensures the highest possible fuel efficiency, reducing fuel costs, extending tire life by reducing tire wear, and helping prevent punctures, providing optimum safety.

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