Buderus Combi: The Importance of Using New Technology Combi Boilers


Buderus, one of the leading and expert brands of the air conditioning sector, listed the benefits of combi boiler replacement. Reasons such as completing the economic life of the combi, making your life difficult in terms of both economic and ease of use due to its old technology, working loudly, not having condensing technology or having limited modulation capacity prevent the combi boiler from offering comfortable operation and cause high natural gas bills.

Devices with condensing technology are devices designed to transfer the heat obtained by condensing the water vapor contained in the waste flue gas to the installation. Since they also use the condensation heat in the waste gas, they work more efficiently and consume less gas than non-condensing devices. In other words, they absorb and use the energy contained in the fuel at the highest possible rate. Since condensing boilers are made of alloy material with high resistance to the condensation water in question, they make it possible to receive more energy and transfer it to the installation under all conditions. Even in very cold winter days when high radiator temperature is needed and condensation cannot occur, they continue to provide energy savings thanks to relatively low flue gas temperatures.

You can increase your energy efficiency with Buderus' new platform combi boilers compatible with new generation room controllers and you can control your heating system from anywhere with a smart mobile phone or tablet. - Hibya

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