10 Big Turkish Construction Firms and Their Giant Projects

Turkey, despite the contraction in the global market "World's Largest 250 International Contractors" list, taking place behind China with 44 companies maintained the second place in the world league. into the list of the top 10 construction companies from Turkey; RÖNESANS, LİMAK, TEKFEN, BUILDING CENTER, ANT YAPI, TAV, ENKA, MAPA, KOLİN and NUROL.

"Giants League" is the realization of projects considered among the highest building in Europe's renaissance from Turkey in Lakha Center, harbor mixed project, while the historic city center in Skopje, the Tekfen Black Sea natural gas to Turkey conveys Turkish Movement Purchase Terminal Dar es Salaam-Morogoro High Speed ​​Line, which is the strategic route of YAPI MERKEZİ for Tanzania and the giant project of ANT YAPI in Manhattan, Moscow, came to the fore. Big projects undertaken by TAV, ENKA, MAPA, KOLIN and NUROL followed.

The international construction industry magazine ENR (Engineering News Record), the list of "The World's Largest 250 International Contractors", which is followed with great interest by the economic circles around the world and published based on the revenues of the contractors from their activities outside their countries in the previous year, aroused interest in the economic circles.

Despite the fragility of the global and national economies into the list of 44 of the 39 companies from Turkey, the first 10 of the Turkish contracting companies in the list of all Turkey Contractors Association (TMB) it was composed of members. The top 10 firms in question were Rönesans, Limak, Tekfen, Yapı Merkezi, Ant Yapı, TAV, Enka, Mapa, Kolin and Nurol respectively.

Turkish companies climb to the upper steps

Turkish contractors, despite the difficult competitive conditions every day and experiencing economic difficulties, 'world giants league in 39 of Turkey Contractors in China, with a total of 44 contracting firms, including a member of the then pointed out that protects the world second TMB President Mithat New day, subject to made the following evaluations regarding:

“The majority of our contractors, who were on the same list last year, managed to move up the last list. In addition, the number of companies that were among the top 2019 companies in the 2020 list according to the international project revenues of 100 increased, and one of our companies was among the top 30 international contractors according to the project income. All these achievements are also important in terms of pointing to the increase in the global competitive power of our industry. If we get stronger in terms of financing, we will be able to increase our international contracting services project amount, which we increase to USD 20 billion annually, to USD 50 billion. "

Projects of top 10 Turkish companies

Some of the international projects that made the top 250 Turkish companies included in the list of "The World's Largest 10 International Contractors", which are taken as a reference all over the world, to this success are as follows:

1. RENAISSANCE: In the list that protects its leadership in Turkey and the world list this year as one of 23 rising renaissance of the highlights of the latest project, Russia St. It became the Lakhta Center, the tallest building in Europe with 462 meters, built in St. Petersburg. 5 thousand people from 18 different countries worked in the construction of the center, which also houses an office space of 20 thousand people. The metals used only for the reinforced concrete foundation are of sufficient size to build the Eiffel Tower ...

2. LİMAK: LİMAK followed Rönesans on the list as it was last year. The Skopje Mixed-Use Project of Limak, which is ranked 61st in the world ranking this year, draws attention. The project, which has a gross area of ​​325 thousand square meters, is located on the axis that connects the historical city center to the business, hospital and police center of the city. Macedonia Boulevard is arranged as an underpass, and there are shopping malls, multi-storey car parks, hotel, office and residence towers on the pass.

3. TEKFEN: The Turkish Current Receiving Terminal project stands out among the latest projects of TEKFEN, ranked 65th on the ENR list. The terminal, starting from the Russian city of Anapa, where the double-row pipeline of 930 kilometers each runs along the Black Sea and is connected to the land, was built in Kıyıköy, 100 kilometers from Istanbul, and was opened with a ceremony by the presidents of the two countries in early 2020. Projects with natural gas to be transported to Turkey via the Black Sea and 32-inch pipelines.

4. BUILDING CENTER: One of the prominent projects of YAPI MERKEZİ, which is ranked 78th on the list, was Dar es Salaam - Morogoro High Speed ​​Line, which was built in Tanzania and has a strategic route of 202 kilometers. This line is the first and most important part of East Africa's fastest railway project between Dar es Salaam and Mwanza. The project will open East Africa to the Indian Ocean as part of the central corridor connecting Uganda, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Tanzania.

5. ANT YAPI: Rising to the 80th rank in the ENR list, ANT YAPI undertook the construction of the Grand Tower project in Moscow City, known as "Moscow's Manhattan". The total area of ​​the center, known as the giant project, is 400 thousand square meters and its height is 283 meters. The project, which includes apartments, office buildings and shopping centers, as well as sports facilities and a conference hall, will be completed in 2022.

6. TAV: TAV, ranked 84th on the list, has received the Hamad International Airport Terminal Building Extension Project, one of the world's most important hubs and the biggest in the Gulf, together with its partners Midmac and Taisei. The project includes the construction of an additional 550 thousand square meters of additional terminal building and the surrounding works to the Hamad International Airport Terminal Complex with a construction area of ​​170 thousand square meters, which the company previously completed with Japanese partner Taisei in Doha, the capital city of Qatar.

7. ENKA: Having risen to 86th place in ENR's world list, ENKA stands out with its Oil Processing Plant in Iraq's West Qurna 1 Oil Field. The new facility, built with the contract made with ExxonMobil Iraq Limited, can produce an average of 100.000 stock tank barrels / day of crude oil per year. The project was awarded the "Outstanding Achievement" award in the British Safety Council's "International Safety Awards 2019" competition. In addition, projects with the highest score among respondents in Turkey "Best in Country" was the winner of the award and the first time in 2020 by the ENR Global Energy and Industrial Projects category Best Project of the Year.

8. MAPA: Dubai Water Canal Sheikh Zayed Road Bridge Crossing Project stands out among the latest projects of MAPA, rising 35 places in the list to the 91st. The project, which is shown as one of the most prestigious works of the city, includes the construction of a 600-kilometer highway, including a 5-meter-long bridge. Despite difficult conditions, the project was completed and delivered before the contract period.

9. KOLİN: Another Turkish company KOLİN, which made a big leap in the world league last year, rose 57 places in the ENR list and became 94th. Among the projects that brought Kolin to success, the South Al Mutlaa Project, which was undertaken in Kuwait and the infrastructure of a new city was established, is remarkable ... The project will be built on an area of ​​approximately 100 square kilometers, more than 150 kilometers of roads, more than 40 bridges, over 1000 kilometers of infrastructure network piping. His work includes treatment facilities and pumping stations. One of the biggest projects of Kuwait Public Housing Administration ...

10. NUROL: Turkey one of the re-entry nurol the last major projects the top 10 list, Tizi Ouzou town of East-West Motorway Connection Project ... 48 kilometer motorway project undertaken in Algeria, a total of 2 x 1.670-meter-long double-tube tunnel, 21 viaduct, other engineering structures, infrastructure and drainage system manufacturing. 10 kilometers of the project has been put into use. The company ranks 109th in the ENR list.





2 LIMAK 61 67

3 TEKFEN 65 69


5 ANT YAPI 80 87

6 TAV 84 71

7 ENKA 86 92

8 MAPA 91 126

9 CHOLINE 94 151

10 NUROL 109 128

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