Bitcoin Returns to $ 12.000 Limit


While the value of 100 out of 23 units with the highest market volume of the cryptocurrency markets has fallen in the last 24 hours of trading, one unit of the fallen was among the top 10.

The total market volume in the cryptocurrency markets has increased by about $ 383.74 billion in the last 364.06 hours to $ 24 billion, after declining from $ 9.7 billion it reached on Tuesday to $ 373.74 billion on Thursday.

In the cryptocurrency markets, the 111.71-hour trading volume, which was $ 24 billion on Wednesday, fell to $ 99.65 billion in the last 100 hours, after falling below $ 24 billion to $ 3.5 billion on Thursday.

Bitcoins accounted for 6,529 percent of the total market volume in 26,889 markets where a total of 59.6 cryptocurrencies were traded.

Changes in the top 10 cryptocurrencies:

  1. Bitcoin up 1.25 percent to $ 11,882.54,
  2. Ethereum up 2.31 percent to $ 415.83,
  3. XRP increased 2.11 percent to $ 0.29,
  4. Tether is $ 0.05, up 1.00 percent,
  5. Bitcoin Cash increased 3.30 percent to $ 301.26,
  6. Chainlink down 5.64 percent to $ 15.41,
  7. Litecoin up 1.32 percent to $ 63.18
  8. Bitcoin SV up 1.85% to $ 210.06,
  9. Cardano increased 3.04 percent to $ 0.13,
  10. EOS was trading at $ 6.48, up 3.61 percent.

The Swiss-based Bank for International Settlements (BIS), known as the "central bank of central banks", stated in the 2019 Annual Economic Report that "Bitcoin" is not only the cryptocurrency, but the same zamindicating that it is the name of the computer program that currently runs this currency, "Bitcoin computer program is almost an automatic global central bank" was called and added:

“Moreover, this central bank is an automatic entity that does not favor anyone, does not pursue interest or political views. What is required by the Bitcoin program zamhow much Bitcoin will be produced at the moment, what are the prize halves zamAs will be the case, all very important monetary policy decisions are pre-determined. "

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