Turkey Will Be a Natural Gas Trade Center


with natural gas contracts to be renewed Turkey, to switch to a more dynamic natural gas markets, indicating that enters an important opportunity hallway One of these deals with the steps to take in order to get the most effective way from the corridors gave the following information:

The main principle should be market-based pricing that reflects costs in all areas of the value chain, from the import of natural gas to the end consumer, and support the needy consumers with social support mechanisms.

The efficiency of the private sector in natural gas supply and trade should be increased, and a game plan should be designed in which private sector players will be at the forefront in the renewal of natural gas contracts.

In order for market players to operate effectively and predictably, it is important to increase the transaction volume and depth of the Organized Wholesale Market (OTSP) operating under EPİAŞ and to realize the futures option market, which is planned to be put into operation in 2021, as planned.

A capacity platform with a variety of products should be implemented, which will allow industry players to make more dynamic decisions and make transactions.

Turkey's international power and Botas of a natural gas business center change into the effectiveness of the System Operator role, should be separated so as to provide the relevant independence rules, public energy companies can go to the cooperation in the international arena and should continue to be supported restructured so that it can differentiate between competitors. - Hibya

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