AkınRobotics Four Legged Robot Shares ARAT With Public

Turkey-based domestic software company founded in AKINSOFT engaged in the production site and humanoid robotics technology in the field of robotic factory AkinRoboticscontinues to sign new projects. The company, which previously produced many prototype robots including AKINCI, robot waiter ADA, hostess robot ADA and Little ADA, is the new version of the 4-legged robot ARAT. ARAT 3.2 shared with the public.

ARAT 01.06.2020, which continues to be developed within the scope of the project started on 3.2, search and rescue Can be used in activities. The robot, which has a flexible movement wide working angle and adaptive stability algorithm, can walk in a stable manner thanks to 3 legs consisting of 4 joints.

4-legged robot ARAT continues to be developed

Technical specifications are displayed on the website of AkınRobotics. ? cm long ARAT consists of 63 sensors and includes the battery. 25 kg on load. AkinRobotics, wireless command To be able to He says that all of the engines used in ARAT 3.2, which has many features such as its feature, stability protection algorithm against impacts and real-time kinematic calculation, are designed and produced in-house.

The 4-legged robot ARAT, which can make exploration thanks to its ability to navigate, run, and climb steps, is also capable of detecting depth thanks to the stereo vision camera, to avoid walking and the drawbacks in its direction or to overcome that roughness. strategy development have the abilities.

ARAT 3.2 is designed to be able to walk on land bases with dog modeling. development stage still continues. The developer firm AkınRobotics states that ARAT can be used in search and rescue and transportation activities in the soil very soon. Finally here You can reach the AkınRobotics website by clicking on the link, and you can get more detailed information about the 4-legged land robot ARAT.

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