Real Estate Consultants Become Digital Real Estate Literate


The 'Vocational Competence Certificate' prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization and made mandatory for those who intermediate in real estate trade is put into effect as of September 1, 2020. GABORAS, the technology and secure trade platform of the real estate sector, launched its 'Local Network' and 'Digital Real Estate Literacy' programs, artificial intelligence-supported big data management, cross-query and technical analysis descriptions, data verification (DAV) and industry experience sharing practices.

The digital world is presented to the sector and its representatives

Many topics such as current market analysis, liquidation scores, provincial cycle speeds in clearing trade, safe trade, parcel-based sales transactions, the use of collective value map tools, regional analysis on value maps, legality and equity line, price range, are transferred free of charge. The Digital Real Estate Literacy program offers a digital world to anyone interested in the real estate industry.

With the Local Network, it is aimed to offer real estate consultants who continue their career as digital real estate literate national and international network integration and a secure trading experience. Real estate consultants will be able to evaluate the local workforce with investment opportunities in the global environment by taking advantage of the real estate investor portfolio pool with GOS Local Network Platforms.

Altun: Fairness and trust must be essential in trade

GABORAS CEO Kurtuluş Altun, who shared his views on the Real Estate Authorization Certificate, said, “Equity and trust should be essential in trade, and there should be no negativity that would undermine trust and sustainability. It is useful to set minimum conditions and a base price limit, not an upper one, in determining the value of the service supply. Determining the upper limit will not be accurate without knowing the detailed process depth and service components. We support all kinds of steps towards stock exchange in real estate trade that will establish the trust that will eliminate the irregular structure of the real estate sector, ”he said.

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