It will eliminate the victimization of used vehicle purchases and sales!


Monetary Union of Notaries firm's Ministry of Commerce in cooperation with Turkey and spent my money safe life, secure in the purchase and sale of vehicles, creating a simple and cost-effective payment process.

Trade Minister Ruhsar Pekcan also announced that new rules were introduced to prevent negativities in second-hand vehicle purchases and stated that Secure Payment Systems would be mandatory in cash payments and thus risks such as fraud would be eliminated.


After the sale at the notary, the vehicle price is instantly in the account In order for the transactions to be completed smoothly in the purchase and sale of second-hand vehicles, buyers and sellers must first make their applications on the company's website. Then the buyer has to transfer the vehicle price to the IBAN number of Param Güvende application. After the e-payment application, the sales process begins with the parties going to the notary public to carry out the purchase and sale. Equivalent with the realization of the sale at a notary zamInstantly, the vehicle price is sent to the seller's account.

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