The Importance of Auto Expertise in Used Car Buying and Selling


Used vehicle trading continues to be a popular commercial activity. It is possible to state that it continued with a great momentum, especially after the banks granted low-interest loan facilities. Being a popular commercial activity can bring along some inappropriate situations. For example, selling damaged vehicles or hiding existing breakdowns reveal some difficult situations in which buyers fall. For this reason, it does not go unnoticed that some interventions are necessary in order to prevent buyers from being victims of second-hand vehicles.

What is Auto Expertise?

Auto expertiseis one of the most important factors that make a reliable used vehicle trading activity possible. We can define auto expertise as a professional title that is an expert on the vehicle and draws an expert portrait. The concept of auto expertise clearly determines the condition and quality of the vehicle in general. The auto expertise, which consists of reports by experts in the vehicle, ensures that both parties - including more buyers - are not victims in vehicle purchases and sales.

Auto expertise is a process that provides a comprehensive examination of the vehicle to be sold. In the auto appraisal process, experts and experts prepare a report for those who request this review. In the auto expertise report, all mechanical and electronic components from the engine to the internal and external systems are examined and presented to the customers. In this report, it is revealed that the vehicle has deficiencies and what kind of damages it has or that it has no damage.

What Should Be Considered When Making an Appraisal?

Each check in the appraisal process is to measure the quality and wear level of the vehicle. At this point, we can talk about different criteria that should be considered. The most important criteria to be evaluated in the expertise process in used vehicle purchase and sale:

  • Vehicle mileage
  • Engine performance test
  • Engine mechanical test
  • Paint and body analysis
  • Brake and suspension status
  • Vehicle's tendency to slip
  • Battery check

In the auto expertise process, the above criteria are generally emphasized. In addition to these, the dynamometer test is one of the important stages of the analysis process. In this test, the engine power, wheel power and torque values ​​of the vehicle are measured.

Briefly, a general evaluation of all kinds of components that give the vehicle its quality is emphasized. All these controls are very important in eliminating the victims' grievances. In this way, users who purchase vehicles that have been checked are unlikely to encounter any problems.

How and Based on Auto Appraisal Selection?

Auto appraisal should be done by competent people. For this reason, experts who are experienced and professionally successful in their field should be consulted. Because while the vehicles are inspected, they must go through a quality control process. Same zamIn the appraisal process, technological infrastructure should also be used. Therefore, in order to talk about a successful auto appraisal process, the analysis to be made must comply with general criteria and standards.

In order to make a successful choice in auto expertise selection, it is necessary to pay attention to technical and technological equipment. For example, the need for computer systems is obvious when measuring vehicle engine power. In this respect, what we look at today's auto experts zamAt the moment, we witness that the most preferred ones make use of technological materials. In addition, road simulation tests are an important stage in a quality auto expertise process. It is useful to pay attention to these criteria to get a healthy and accurate auto appraisal report.

What Should Be Considered During the Coronavirus Period?

Auto expertise is an important requirement in vehicle purchases and sales. Because after purchasing a vehicle, nobody wants to encounter any bad surprises. In this respect, buyers should pay attention to the auto expertise process in order to avoid any unexpected problems after the vehicle purchase process.

However, we can say that the understanding of auto expertise gains more importance in today's pandemic period. Because coronavirus, an epidemic disease transmitted from person to person, also poses a risk in vehicle controls and inspections. In this regard, it is vital to follow rules such as precaution and social distance in general during the covid-19 outbreak.

As we are going through a difficult period, one of the most critical issues to be considered is undoubtedly the intention of buyers and sellers. If you are a seller, stay away from customers who keep you busy. If you are a buyer, be careful not to do business with sellers who are trying to keep you waiting and raise prices. Try to stay in touch with people who are serious about trading and act ethically in order not to risk yourself during the coronavirus period.


Auto expertise emerges as one of the basic elements that make used vehicle trading healthy. Before buying a second-hand vehicle, it is very important to take the vehicle you want to buy to an experienced auto expertise and get a report on every subject in order not to encounter a technical problem and not to be deceived.

While doing this, be sure to comply with the coronavirus protection rules announced by our Ministry of Health. By maintaining your social distance and using a mask, you can perform your used vehicle trading in a healthy way.

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