Ferrari's head in big trouble

Ferrari's head in big trouble
Ferrari's head in big trouble

Ferrari should take parts immediately after the disaster in Austria, and focus very quickly on the next Formula 1 race in Hungary on Sunday.

The world-renowned Italian team made a second nightmare at Spielberg on Charles Leclerc's 'teammate Sebastian Vettel' early in the morning, and they both had a bad nightmare due to the season opening he should retire.


The incident came in the first place. Both drivers have returned to the network so far - 10. Vettel and 10. Leclerc 14 - they roamed in heavy traffic, which they normally would have been closer to the front.

Ferrari Head

Vettel, I was fighting two other cars, we were three cars on Turn 3

Ferrari Head

Leclerc entered the hairpin curl and attempted to throw it down from the right, instead he got into the back of Vettel's car and mixed his rear wing well.

Ferrari Head Large

Vettel, who ended last week at the 10th Red Bull Ring circuit, was forced to retire as soon as Leclerc entered the pits in his fifth round, leaving the race soon.

I apologized (from Vettel) Honestly, these are the excuses zamit wasn't enough for moments. I was just disappointed in myself, Leclerc, 22 years old. Today was a very bad day. Disappointed the team.

There were no chance to see what the updates offered in one week were worth the disaster, and the crash crew on the Spielberg track as major car related problems arose during the first race stage.

One of the biggest problems for Ferrari in the column on F1 website of Formula 1 sports director Ross Brawn is one of all teams on the grid, especially in Italy, where they are under the closest scrutiny from the media.

Brawn knows from Scuderia experience in 1996 and 2006 as coach and Michael Schumacher wins five world titles during this period.

The 2020 team and Brawn said it would not be that easy in the season affected by the kovid-19.

For those who will not return overnight, they have a long way to go. They have to find out if there is a basic problem with the car.

Ferrari originally expected to make at least part of the one-second gap per turn for Mercedes leaders with the first part of the upgrades.

Team manager Mattia Binotto, We want to take the race and take some laps to see where the car is, unfortunately we won't take it.

We just have to continue our work. Difficult moments can bring out the best in humans, and I'm sure it will be so now.

Leclerc admitted to the mistake and said: It's not easy for the hardworking team to bring upgrades here. Hard zamwe are spending a moment and we don't really need it.

Ferrari sets out its main hopes in Monegasque, which ended so impressively in front of Vettel in the first season of the team in 2019, and somehow managed to finish the second in the season opening with the lower car.

Leclerc renewed his contract until 2024, and Vettel had to leave after the season as he did not make another deal with the team he could not add to the four world championships he won in Red Bull six years later.

The German race, which the Germans won twice for Ferrari in 2015 and 2017, remained diplomatic.

Vettel, I'm generally optimistic and at least long to get back to the car zamI don't have to wait a moment, so I hope Hungary will be a better place for us.

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