Legendary Mustang's Gearbox Now at Ford Transit

Ford's commercial vehicle leader of Turkey, Turkey's industry-leading and most preferred light commercial vehicle models Transit offers to customers with a new 10-speed automatic transmission version. The new 2.0-speed automatic transmission, available with the 170-liter EcoBlue Upgrade 10 PS rear-wheel drive diesel engine, is more durable, high performance and capable of pulling up to 2.800 kg. Designed with the challenges of commercial life, the single 10-speed automatic transmission in its class offers an alternative that offers high fuel efficiency for both local and extraterrestrial products, cargo deliveries and passenger transport.

One of the popular members of the Ford commercial vehicle family, Transit now awaits its customers with a new, 10-speed automatic transmission version in its class that offers greater efficiency and durability.

The new transmission, which enables customers to cope with the operational challenges of business life without sacrificing practicality and comfort, offers greater durability, increased fuel efficiency and towing capacity up to 2.800 kg. The new transmission offers great ease of use to customers who deliver goods within the city, deliver goods, or provide services such as transportation, transfer, service transportation, and also face operational difficulties with heavy traffic. It also stands out as a solution that offers more fuel efficiency and high performance for Transit vans with passenger capacity of 15 and 17 passengers.

The new transmission, developed by Ford engineers, was previously used in 2020 International Pick-up of the Year (IPUA) in various models such as the New Ford Ranger and F150 pick-ups, as well as Ford's iconic sports car Mustang and has proven itself. The 10-speed automatic transmission, now offered with Transit, designed to minimize fuel and maintenance costs for businesses on larger and larger vehicles, allows the engine to function in the most efficient combination without sacrificing performance. Minimizes operating costs for drivers, businesses and fleets.

Engineered for high fuel efficiency and durability

The new 10-speed design with a higher gear ratio offers the optimum performance for the Transit's 170 PS 2.0-liter EcoBlue Upgrade engine's high efficiency, while creating a more responsive driving experience. Real zamThe instant adaptive gear shifting feature allows the gearbox to adapt to changing road conditions, enabling optimum gear selection in terms of performance and fuel efficiency in varying conditions such as urban stop-and-go traffic, terrain and slopes.

The 10-speed automatic transmission has been developed to work in conjunction with Transit's driving dynamics and technologies, with Auto Start-Stop for maximum fuel savings. The new transmission is able to provide easy acceleration and takeoff even at very slow speeds and when the vehicle stops moving.

It was subjected to the toughest tests according to the conditions of the business life

The gearbox, designed according to the demanding and practical conditions of commercial life, was subjected to durability tests exceeding 6 million kilometers, including thousands of kilometers of strenuous field races.

The ability to handle high vehicle weights and simple automatic handling make the new transmission suitable for product, freight delivery and passenger transport. It makes it easier for drivers, who are less experienced in large vehicle use, to cope with congested traffic conditions with features such as start-stop. The efficiency and durability of the gearbox also makes the automatic transmission suitable for fleet managers in terms of total cost of ownership, lifetime and load / density capacity.

Ford Transit Minibus with new 10-speed automatic transmission is at Ford Authorized Dealers with recommended turnkey prices starting from 271.100 TL, Ford Transit Van 194.400, Ford Transit Pickup Truck from 208.700 TL.

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