Automobile Services Can Survive Thanks To Digitalization

Automobile Services Can Survive Thanks To Digitalization

CEO of RSA Service, serving in 60 locations in Turkey Unal Unal, pandemic period found some important conclusions about the future of the private car service. Saying that we are entering into an irrepressible digitalization, Ünaldı stated that the priorities and needs of vehicle owners have also changed and that private auto services have to keep up with this change. Ünaldı said, “We enable the vehicle acceptance and delivery developed by Destech Hasar Software Solutions, which we established to create a common digital platform in the auto repair sector, and the digitalization of special services with e-appointment systems. In addition, the communication between services and insurance, experts and fleetszam"We reduce the workload of private auto services by moving them to digital platforms instantly and enable them to move without physical contact."

RS Service CEO Ünal Ünaldı made remarkable statements about the future of private auto services. Stating that private auto services, whose vehicle entry numbers dropped more than 70 percent during the pandemic period, should be much more proactive due to the disruption of sales in the automotive industry with the increasing dollar rate effect, he stated that digitalization is inevitable. Ünaldı stated that they want to be a step forward in the digitalization of services with Destech Damage Solutions and Software Inc., which has approximately 12 thousand employees and is a member of the TOSEF All Auto Services Federation, which provides 55% of the market share of the private auto services sector, by the end of the year. “Keeping up with the digital age of private auto services is today more and more important than it was 657 months ago. One of the first actors of the institutionalization of services is digital integration. Hard times await non-institutionalized and non-digitalized services in the coming years. ”

Vehicle owners want to see service with minimum contact

Referring to the owners of vehicles with changing needs and priorities, Ünaldı pointed out that the citizen, who has postponed maintenance and renovations for a while to avoid physical contact, wants to receive service with minimum contact. In addition, thanks to the digital software solutions we have developed, private auto services can make appointments via e-appointment method, and all customers can be tracked with a smart appointment calendar designed according to vehicle acceptance capacity. In addition, thanks to the software, the owners of the vehicles can follow the current status of their cars live both on mobile devices and computers. ”

We have the entire infrastructure for the digitalization of private auto services

Stating that the software developed for the benefit of all special auto services from his knowledge and experience, Ünaldı said that the subsidiaries are also considered as well as customers. Expressing that physical contact is minimized thanks to the platform where insurance, expert, fleet, agency and special services can track files and transactions at the same time, “Inventory tracking, preliminary accounting, collection reporting, business, thanks to the software that also saves document hassle for a more efficient and corporate structure. It is possible to perform orders such as opening orders, damage detection, uploading photographs, process tracking, supply tracking, requesting parts from the tender system, online messaging in-service, workshop assignment, instant transportation of specially prepared damage forms for services via both the website and mobile application. we know. We have been using these software as RS Service for 3 years at all our service points ”.

Source: Hibya News Agency

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