Warranty Period of Fiat Alfa Romeo and Jeep Branded Vehicles are Extended

Warranty Period of Fiat Alfa Romeo and Jeep Branded Vehicles are Extended

Due to the special situation due to Covid-19, Tofaş extended its warranty periods until the end of June, and extended the maintenance period up to 3 months or 3 thousand kilometers. A first application in Turkey, Tofas represented under the umbrella of Fiat, Fiat Professional, Alfa Romeo and Jeep brand will be available.

Tofaş continues its services it has put into use to protect public health during the New Type Corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic period. Customer experience and service that continue to invest in their subjects, Tofas carries the entire last month across the dealership network in Turkey now online environment, Fiat at all service points, Alfa Romeo and Jeep brand vehicles for the owners, regardless of model year or mileage free tools disinfection began to deliver the service. The company added a new one to its after-sales services, stretching the warranty and maintenance times.

Guarantee and ease of maintenance in the corona virus process!

While commissioning the service; Tofaş After Sales and Spare Parts Director Hüseyin Şahin stated that they aim to prevent their customers from losing their rights in the pandemic process when they cannot come to the service for the operations to be carried out under the guarantee; He stated that with the new service put into use in difficult days, they have stretched their vehicle maintenance times up to 3 months or 3 thousand kilometers this time. Emphasizing that they continue to stand by their customers due to the corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic, Hüseyin Şahin said, “In our campaign, which extends the warranty periods of Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Jeep branded vehicle owners and provides flexibility in maintenance periods, the warranties of the vehicles whose warranty period expired between 15 March and 31 May are up to 30 June. we extended it up. Within the scope of the application, maintenance in March and April zam"We will also provide flexibility for 3 months or 3 thousand kilometers in total in the maintenance of the vehicles that arrive."

Source: Hibya News Agency



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