Volkswagen Turkey Launches New Website Launches

Launch of the new website volkswagen turkey brought gerceklesmesi
Launch of the new website volkswagen turkey brought gerceklesmesi

Volkswagen's new faster mobility in line with the new logo and new corporate identity designed to adapt to the world, Volkswagen Turkey has made the launch of the new website.

The transition process to the new corporate identity is different for each country zammoment when organized in the plan, set for June 17 Volkswagen Turkey Turkey, Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles in making the transition to a brand new website design and user experience.

The brand's global e-mobility and digitization strategy, which is designed as a start of a new era in parallel with the first example of a new corporate identity and logo, are on display at the Volkswagen website and digital platform in Turkey.

With its new brand design, Volkswagen creates a more modern and more digital brand experience. The new Volkswagen logo and brand design, which has become clearer with its simple, modern and two-dimensional design, aims for high flexibility designed for digital applications.

Brand New Volkswagen World: is

Volkswagen in Turkey, more vibrant, colorful and was the first example of the new visual world of people-oriented websites and digital platforms. The website, which is the common use of Volkswagen Passenger Cars and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles brands, has been completely renewed.

Detailed information about models and services, vehicle builder, real zamPresenting live chat, financing options and many other products and services related content and offers on a single platform, the website provides highly simplified navigation and personalization for Volkswagen customers and Volkswagens fans.

Volkswagen Turkey's new website aims to provide a better service more efficiently communicate with users and play an important role in the brand's digital strategy.

Priority on Mobile Platforms

It is noteworthy that the first time in the design of the new is "Mobile First" design instead of "Mobile-optimized". In other words, the website, which was compatible with portable devices in the past, is now targeting small screens of mobile devices and transformed into a format compatible with large screens. Same zamAt the moment, its menu and content structure has been simplified and taken into an easily understood form.

Equipped with features based on personalization, the new has been developed as a data entry and entirely data-oriented by bringing together the contents of both brands to the Volkswagen world. With this feature, it makes it possible to create user journeys according to the special interests and needs of each visitor.

New Design New Infrastructure

With the renewed corporate identity, the infrastructure of has changed completely. The new website prepared with the “React” infrastructure used by world-famous companies such as Facebook and Instagram, so that it can adapt to innovations much faster. This new technology, which is used in the infrastructure section, provides rapid development opportunities and provides rapid solutions to market and customer demands.

User Friendly Applications

Real zamIn addition to the site where instant communication (Live Chat, Online Service Appointment, Online Roadside Assistance) is available, the mobile applications of "My Volkswagen" for Volkswagen Passenger Cars and "Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles" for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles; Features such as convenience in service operations, viewing service history, online service appointment and job order opening have been made available. Passenger and Commercial Vehicles Volkswagen Turkey's new mobile application allows applications to be handled through almost all the after-sales process. This provides users with the opportunity of contactless transactions in the new period, and enables them to follow their after-sales processes easily on their mobile phones.

New Design Language

Volkswagen's new brand identity is perfectly adapted to digital channels. The new design, which was created especially with the “People-First” approach, focuses on increasing the personal tastes of the users and their interactions with the brand. The new aesthetic integrity distinguishes the Volkswagen brand in digital channels with its design language that is repeated in all channels.

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