Volkswagen Dismisses 450 Employees

Volkswagen Dismisses 450 Employees

The corona virus outbreak has profoundly affected many sectors. The automotive industry was one of the most felt effects of the epidemic. There is a huge drop in demand for zero vehicles worldwide. Therefore, manufacturers take some measures to reduce costs. These measures are generally to reduce staff. German automotive giant Volkswagen is trying to cut its expenses by decreasing personnel. Volkswagen has announced that it will end 450 jobs at its factory in Poznan, Poland.

Jens Ocksen, manager of Volkswagen's Poznan plant, on the dismissal of 450 workers Stating that the decrease in demand for new vehicles is effective, “The ongoing Corona virus epidemic and difficult economic conditions around the world caused uncertainty in the market and a serious decrease in the demand for Volkswagen Poznan's products. The corona virus outbreak caused serious losses on every continent. The consequences of this situation are clearly felt by our company as well ”.

Volkswagen's factory in Poznan, Poland, where production has been stopped for some time due to the epidemic, resumed production on a single shift on April 27.

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