Renault Donates to Corona Virus Campaign

Renault Donates to Corona Virus Campaign

Renault Corona Donated to the Anti-Virus Campaign The epidemic of choran virus, which has been declared pandemic, has badly affected many low-income families and citizens. Therefore, "We feed us Turkey" alongside the slogan campaign launched with the help of citizens from big companies also continue to arrive assistance. One of them came from Turkey representative firm of Renault MAIS Renault is a world leader in the automotive industry. Renault MAİS supported the charity campaign, which was launched as part of the fight against corona virus, by donating money.

Renault Turkey representative of Renault MAIS, the National Solidarity Campaign launched to combat the virus outbreak 1 million TL he donated and donated.

Renault MAIS said in a statement, "" Renault MAIS, the Republic of Turkey, which was launched by the Presidential National Solidarity Campaign to contribute £ 1 million. Renault As MAİS, we believe that this difficult period will be overcome with solidarity and cooperation. ” Said.

About Renault MAİS

Renault car of Renault-Mais, Inc., is attached to OYAK a company that provides sales and after sales services in Turkey.

It was created on January 10, 1968 in Ankara with a capital of 20 million lira and by two separate founding partners. The first co-founder, Oyak, assumed 97,5% of the capital and Tukaş 2,5%.

The company headquarters, which was a Joint Stock Company and moved from Ankara to Bursa on September 17, 1968, moved to Istanbul on November 28, 1970. Then Renault presented its 12 brand cars to the Turkish consumer in 1971.

On June 5, 1974, the name of the company was changed as “MAİS Motor Vehicles Production and Sales Joint Stock Company”. Oyak Sigorta was replaced by Tukaş, who left the partnership on the same date.

As a result of a share change made on 28 May 1993, the share of domestic partners formed by OYAK and Oyak Sigorta was 80%, while 20% of the shares were transferred to Renault SA, formerly Régie Renault. In 1997, a new share was made and the share of Oyak was 51% and the share of Renault S.A was 49%. Source: Wikipedia


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