Elon Musk Says Tesla Cybertruck Model Can Swim
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Elon Musk Says Tesla Cybertruck Model Can Swim

Despite its unusual design, the Tesla Cybertruck received more than 600.000 pre-orders. However, since the Cybertruck model introduced last year is a concept vehicle, there will be fundamental changes in the design. Elon Musk, production [...]

curious details about the arrangement of used vehicles

Details of the Second Hand Vehicle Arrangement

With the expertise report that has to be prepared in the second-hand vehicle trade, the buyers want to learn what the vehicle is and what does not exist to the finest detail. So what are the problems that can be encountered in buying and selling vehicles? [...]


Details of the 4-Day Curfew have been Determined!

“Curfew Restriction Circular” has been sent to 81 Provincial Governorships by the Ministry of Interior in the context of combating the new type of Kovid 19 outbreak. With the Circular, 30 provinces in metropolitan status and 22 in the provincial borders of Zonguldak [...]