750 thousand dollar Porsche Carrera GT crashed

Porsche Carrera GT Accident

Many people know the Porsche Carrera GT as the vehicle that caused the death of Paul Walker, the legendary actor of Fast and Furious Movie. Porsche Carrera GT, which is very powerful and very fast compared to the years it was produced, zamis among the extremely rare super cars nowadays.

The accident that took place in New York City and Manhattan region of America occurred when a modified Porsche Carrera GT lost speed and lost its steering control and hit the parked vehicle and the images of the accident were caught by the people and security cameras around.

Accident Images of $ 750 Thousand Porsche Carrera GT:

A Rare and Expensive Car

A company called Gemballa in America is modifying supercars. This company, which makes quite expensive and rare modifications, has also modified the Porsche Carrera GT. Since there are only 25 vehicles modified by Gemballa in the world, it is a very rare and expensive car in the vehicle that crashed. The value of the car is estimated to be around 750 thousand dollars. The supercar before the accident has a very impressive appearance..

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According to rumors, the driver of the Porsche Carrera GT, who had an accident, was under the influence of the drug and therefore escaped from the accident site with the vehicle that turned into a scrap. The images of the driver who escaped were reflected to the cameras as follows.


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