All Facts About Başakşehir Hospital

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality made a statement regarding the allegations made about the Başakşehir hospital opened today. The IMM's statement is as follows:

1.The road tender of the hospital was prepared by the Ministry of Health in 2015.

2.Road construction was undertaken by IMM and for this purpose, a bag without a project was tendered throughout Istanbul in the same year.

3.Following the tender, IMM started to make the roads in and around the hospital and spent 580 million TL to date. As can be seen from these images taken weeks before the opening, it is obvious that it is possible to reach the hospital by road. In other words, there is no road made from 0, there is a completed road.

4.So who stopped the road construction of the hospital? Construction was halted in July 2018. In the previous iBB administration, which stopped road construction, someone was serving as the Deputy Secretary General. That person was the current Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Adil Karaismailoğlu.

5.So why was the road construction of the hospital stopped? The contractor under construction was directed to the construction of Dolmabahçe - Ortaköy Highway Tunnel. Tunnel construction was preferred to hospital road construction. The construction, which stopped in 2018, was not resumed.

6.So, why did the new IMM administration not continue road construction? Because the allowance for the road was spent on tunnel construction. In this context, there was no share left in the IMM budget.

7.Did the IMM attempt to construct the hospital road? Yes, it was found. Upon the request of İBB President Ekrem İmamoğlu, a meeting was held in Istanbul Governorship on 25 December 2019 under the chairmanship of the governor, Mr. Ali Yerlikaya. İBB stated that the source of the road was spent in the past and cannot continue due to lack of resources. The Governorate also underlined that it would work to put the Ministry of Transport into operation. Our governor was thanked for this initiative.

8.That's all the facts about the road. A similar situation is valid for the subway construction going to the hospital. Construction of Başakşehir - Kayaşehir Metro Line started in March 2017, completely financed by equity without any loan agreement.

9.However, in December of the same year, all works on the line were stopped with the article number 131 of the İBB President Mevlüt Uysal. A serious resource is needed to complete the line where no credit is given. Because the construction of the metro is only 6 percent complete.

10.As reported to the public, no steps have been taken to continue the subway work. As iBB, we have a solution proposal for the continuation of this construction: It is possible to reach the hospital until the end of 100 with the 2020 million Euro to be provided to ibb from the provincial Bank. Taking this solution proposal into account will make hospital transportation very comfortable.

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