Alfa Romeo Receives Two Awards at Classic Car Awards

Classic car reward

Alfa Romeo won the double award at the Classic Car Awards (Motor Klassik Awards). The readers of a sectoral magazine published in Germany voted two classic models of the Italian brand first in their categories with their votes. While Alfa Romeo Spider received the most popular classic car award in the “Convertible” category; Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT was chosen as the “favorite sports car” with the votes of the readers.

Alfa Romeo won two awards at the Classic Car Awards (Motor Klassik Awards) organized by the votes of the readers of a sectoral magazine published in Germany. Alfa Romeo received two awards in the 'Convertible / Convertible Car' category with Alfa Romeo Spider, which was launched in 1966, and in the “Favorite Sports Car” category with the Giulia Sprint GT, which went on the world roads in 1969.

Star of the era: Alfa Romeo Spider

The first generation Alfa Romeo Spider, which was selected first in the "Convertible / Convertible Car" category with a 24,9 percent vote, was first introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966 with its unique design bearing the signature of Battista Pininfarina. The first generation Spider, also known as the “Duetto” and shown at the fair, first of all, with its two-seat topless version with a 109-liter engine that produces 1,6 HP power, then the 88-liter four-cylinder with 1,3 HP power and a four-cylinder inline with 119 HP power. met the world roads with different engine options. Hollywood stars turned into an international star after appearing in the 1,8 film The Graduate, starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. Alfa Romeo A version of Spider with a cut back (Kammback) was launched in 1969.

Giulia Sprint, Germany's best-selling “Classic Italian”

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, which was named "The Most Popular Sports Car" by 34,8 percent of the German classic car fans and associated with the studio that designed the body of the car, first appeared on the world arena in 1969. It reached high sales figures with different engine options that produce power from 1,3 HP to 2,0 HP in volumes between 88 liters and 131 liters. The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, the open-top version of the legendary Giulia model, sold 1963 units between 1976 and 225. Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, which has won three championships in the European Touring Cars Championship with different racing versions, has continued to be the best-selling classic Italian car in Germany to date. GTA, the most popular version of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint, stormed races on the racetracks in the 1,6s and 1960s with its 1970-liter engine equipped with mostly aluminum bodywork, a dual ignition system and two spark plugs per cylinder.

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Source: hibya news agency

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