Process Accelerates for Domestic Cars TOGG

Process Accelerates for Domestic Cars TOGG
Process Accelerates for Domestic Cars TOGG

Electric, which will be produced in Turkey as well as the domestic automakers to Bursa, Gemlik plant will be made, and will make significant contributions to the industrial town of Orhangazi in the bottom.

Although some circles about domestic cars produce words such as "cannot be imagined", "cannot be", the process related to the establishment of the factory started to work faster than expected.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Council convened extraordinarily for the plan change regarding the land on which the domestic car will be built.
The only agenda item of the meeting was the plan change. All members of the ruling and opposition council voted for the amendment of the plan. The decision was taken unanimously.

Metropolitan Assembly as the President has said Alinur Aktas, Turkey's economy as factories, will provide a major contribution to Ontario's economy

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş said, “In 2018, I had an hour-long meeting with our President in the complex. I said this place. He stated that the area used as a military stud was not used in terms of country economy and city economy. ”

The excitement of domestic automobiles that started with the good news of President Erdogan 2 months ago continues to be felt in Bursa, Gemlik and Orhangazi regions

Although no concrete steps have been taken from the local administration and the dynamics of Orhangazi in this regard, the business world has at least started to carry out concrete steps and studies on this issue. We will share the details on this subject when the day comes.

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