Turkey's Fastest Vehicle Charging Station from zesti!

turkiyenin fastest vehicle charging station from zesti
turkiyenin fastest vehicle charging station from zesti

with electric vehicle charging station, which has been realized in Turkey, low-emission, energy-saving and contributing to the expansion of the electric vehicle offering a quiet experience Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES), Turkey's fastest electric vehicle charging station, opened Oxygen 0375't in Manisa .

ZES currently serves 158 charging points in 292 different locations

electric vehicles are becoming more widely used in Turkey as well as in the whole world; environmentally friendly, economical, low emission and the same zamIt is preferred by consumers because of their silence at the moment. On the other hand, Zorlu Enerji, which is rapidly advancing towards becoming the “energy company of the future” with the new generation technologies it has implemented, continues to implement charging stations for electric vehicles with Zorlu Energy Solutions (ZES), which it established in 2018. continue to work towards the goal of accelerating the electric vehicle movement in Turkey that ZES, 180 kW in Turkey's fast charging station, opened 0375't of oxygen in Manisa.

Turkey continues to winding of the energy ZES

Istanbul with electric vehicle charging station where implemented, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Eskisehir ZES such as linking major cities in Turkey, but zamAllows drivers to drive to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts without interruption. However, ZES, which makes improvements for alternative routes to cities that already have stations, is increasing the number of locations, stations and sockets every day. Today, 158 and 292 charging points at different locations serving with ZES, aims to cover all of Turkey in the long term.

Electric Vehicles Charge Map

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