Auto Parts Will Be Produced From Coffee Beans

Auto Parts Will Be Produced From Coffee Beans
Auto Parts Will Be Produced From Coffee Beans

Ford will produce auto parts from coffee beans. McDonald's and Ford started working on a joint project to combat sustainability and climate change. Ford will first start receiving coffee waste from McDonald's to produce auto parts, such as headlight housings and other internal and external components of the vehicle. Thanks to this method, 20 percent lighter auto parts will be produced.

Ford has drawn attention to sustainability and combating climate change with its previous applications. Ford was already using various sustainable materials such as soy and wood cellulose in its vehicles.

The Ford R&D team suggested that coffee straw can be mixed with solids such as plastic under low oxygen and high temperature. This project was created thanks to the fact that the product, which is also in the trial phase, is a durable piece.

Same zamAt the moment, as a result of the tests of the R&D team, it was determined that the coffee straw-based material has significantly better thermal insulation properties than the material used by Ford.

McDonald's company is expected to allocate a significant portion of the coffee produced for this project in North America. Although it is not known exactly how much coffee straw is, McDonald's produces approximately 62 million kilos of coffee straw per year. This figure seems to be sufficient for Ford to produce auto parts.

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