50 Thousand TL Penalty Will Be Issued To Those Selling Vehicles Outside Galleries


50 thousand TL penalty will be imposed on the vehicle sellers except the galleries. Control units issued a tax of 10 thousand lira to a person who bought and sold 50 vehicles. Authorities also identify government officials who buy and sell vehicles despite a trade ban, and report it to their affiliate.

The broker will be asked to pay 50 thousand lira income tax
The bill issued by the Finance to brokers who bought and sold more than three second-hand vehicles in a year was heavy. More tax was deducted from the profit earned when a taxpayer was established for those who buy and sell second-hand vehicles without any tax. Audit units affiliated to the Revenue Administration issued a total tax of 10 thousand lira to a person who bought and sold 50 vehicles. The broker will be asked to pay 50 thousand pounds of income tax.

According to the information obtained, since the penalties will be deleted in the reconciliation commissions, an average of 10-4 thousand lira will be purchased from the pocket of the seller. A broker that made its first sale in 5 will be considered a five-year taxpayer.

Regardless of whether the broker is a government employee or not, the investigation staff affiliated with the Ministry of Finance, who establish commercial liability, will notify the public institution to which they are affiliated. Pointing out that there is a provision that the civil servant cannot engage in any commercial activity in the Civil Servants Law No. 657, a senior Finance official said, “The investigator is obliged to inform the disciplinary chief if he learns that the broker is a civil servant. After this determination is made, an investigation is opened. The disciplinary supervisor takes the necessary action. If we find a clerk working in our ministry, I will investigate. ” said.

According to the information obtained, there is even a former deputy selling 12-13 cars in a year. In Turkey, 40 thousand registered, while 60 thousand to be off the record has a gallery of about 100 thousand. In 2011, 3 million 700 thousand used cars changed hands through notaries. 1 million of this was done by galleries. The remaining purchases were realized by the brokers.

In the light of the information obtained by the Revenue Administration through the bank, notary and safety channel, the fact that it initiated a tax review for brokers who buy and sell more than one vehicle per year has mobilized more than 50 thousand people who do this job. Noting that there were taxpayers for three or four cars sold five years ago, the person who sold and used a second-hand vehicle named SY noted that a broker selling seven or eight cars was issued a 50 lira bill. Stating that those who have not been notified are waiting in anxiety, SY said, “We are not saying that we should not pay taxes, but the total taxes are very high. A person who earns 10-10 thousand lira from 15 car purchases was billed twice as much. It is not possible to pay this tax. We are willing to pay a low rate of tax if the fiscal erases past fines. ” found the assessment.

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