Ferrari broke sales record

Ferrari broke sales record
Ferrari broke sales record

Ferrari broke a sales record with luxury vehicles in 2019. Ferrari reached a huge number of sales in 2019. Italian company Ferrari brand that is a manufacturer of luxury sports cars. With this sales success, the giant one-year income Ferrari has achieved great sales success in every region of the world except for the American market.

Ferrari, which is known for its almost a hundred years of history, has gained respect all over the world with its high quality and originally designed cars, and broke new ground in 2019 by selling more than 10 thousand cars.

It was determined that Ferrari sold exactly 2019 cars in 10. According to this information, Ferrari increased by 131 percent compared to 2018. Same as Ferrari zamAt the moment, it generated 3,7 billion euro in revenue thanks to this sales success.

Ferrari sent these 2019 cars to the European, Middle Eastern and African markets in 4 and showed these regions as the regions where it sells the most.

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