New Development in Tesla Crash

New Development in Tesla Crash

New Developments Appear in Tesla Crash. There have been new developments regarding the traffic accident that caused Walter Huang, who worked as an engineer at the Apple company, to die in 2018. The deceased engineer's lawyer said in a briefing that Huang said there was a problem in the autonomous driving system of the Tesla brand car in the morning of the accident.

Every day, Walter Huang traveled with the Tesla Model X vehicle he owned, and used the car's autonomous systems constantly. Huang even spoke to his wife in the morning of the grave accident that his vehicle tended to go astray in a particular area while on the road. However, it turned out that the incidents related to this accident were not limited to this much.

The accident that Tesla Model X had an accident and the Apple engineer lost his life on the "US 101" highway. According to the evidence submitted to the court, there was a navigation error on a certain part of this road. In other words, it was determined that there was an error in Tesla's navigation system and there was a problem in the region where the accident occurred.

According to the allegations, Huang had noticed that his vehicle had changed direction unintentionally on his previous trips and took his vehicle to the Tesla service. However, the Tesla service was unable to detect any problems, and the Tesla Model X was delivered to its owner without any action.

It is known that there were at least five accidents in the same region of the US 101 highway. According to the statements, one of the biggest reasons for these accidents is concrete blocks on the road. In Tesla's accident and other accidents, vehicles hit concrete blocks. However, despite the autonomous driving feature of the Tesla Model X, the issue of how it hits this concrete block at a speed of 117 kilometers has not yet been fully revealed.

The U.S. National Transport Safety Board will hold a meeting on February 25 and discuss how the Tesla crash might have happened. This meeting is expected to illuminate the accident that cost Walter Huang's life.

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