10 Countries Request Dealership for Domestic Cars

The country contacted for local car dealership
The country contacted for local car dealership

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, noting that Turkey's car to big favor, "Currently about at least 10 countries from reselling their contact with me." said. Located in the evaluation of the work done to the car to Varank Turkey, said that ownership by citizens of this project. Varank Minister, "Turkey belongs to 100 electric mobility ecosystem of connected and we say, not only in automotive technology, we have set out a way to develop technology around the car." said.


Varank, Turkey's Cars Initiative Group (TOGG) Noting that continue to work in Gemlik, "the foundations of the factory in the first half of this year will be discarded because they are doing their planning. This year again will bring the work of the last point about the car brand with the launch of the car in Turkey and we have seen the end of 2022 the market. " he spoke.


"How to apply if there is a pre-order status?" Varank said they have not started the pre-order process yet. Varank stated that the company wants to wait for its brand launch in this sense and said, “There are dozens and thousands of requests for us. Those who want to buy the car, those who want to work in the car, those who want to contribute to the car, those who want to produce one side, those who want to become a dealer ... Currently, they have contacted me about dealership from at least 10 countries. I don't even count those who contact the company. There is a really big favor. We should not make our citizens face. We continue our efforts to meet this favor best. ” found in the description.


Varank stated that the dealership demands come from the Gulf countries, Central Asian countries and Germany. Germany, Turkey, founded by civil society in connection with the business community is ready to sign a dealership agreement Varank states that the representatives of the organization, said they wanted to maintain this interest in automobile air.


Varank responded to the question whether the price of the car has become clear or not, “It is not possible to say a price today, but our friends claim that they believe that they will be available at a competitive price in its class.” said.


Varank Minister, referring to Turkey's work on the car's name, "we find more names. When I got into these processes, I saw that they were taken so professionally. They are trying to find names that have not been registered before. When this brand is launched abroad, they are trying to find a name that people in that country can easily pronounce. They continue their activities to find the most suitable name. We suggest a name if they ask us. ” He spoke in the form.


gives information about the studies on Varank charging station, the number of charging stations in Turkey, said that on the needs of those who have electric cars. Expressing that the infrastructure should be adapted with the proliferation of electric cars, Varank said that the teams in the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and the Ministry of Industry and Technology are continuing.

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