TRAGGER Meets Tourism Sector at ANFAS with Design Awarded T-Car

tragger design meets t car with anfasta tourism sector
tragger design meets t car with anfasta tourism sector

TRAGGER New Generation Electric Service Vehicles Transfer and Pro Series is an important gathering of tourism sector 31th International Hospitality and Hospitality Equipment Trade Fair ANFAS is coming together with the sector. TRAGGER booth visited the Deputy Governor of Antalya Yalcin Sezgin, Antalya Deputy Mayor Büşra Özdemir, Science University Rector. Dr. İsmail Yüksek, Antalya Organized Industrial Zone President Ali Bahar received information about the properties by examining the tools closely.

TRAGGER New Generation Electric Service Vehicles, whose production started in 2018, took its place in ANFAS, 15st International Hospitality and Hospitality Equipment Trade Fair held between 18-2020 January 31 in Antalya Expo Center. tragger different models of PRO AND TRANSFER series, the biggest meeting of the tourism sector in Turkey ANFAS Hotel Equipment - 31. International Hospitality Equipment Trade Fair ANFAS opening day drew great attention from visitors tragger stand who visited Antalya Deputy Governor Yalcin Sezgin, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Büşra Özdemir, Rector of Science University. Dr. İsmail Yüksek, Antalya Organized Industrial Zone President Ali Bahar examined the vehicles closely. TRAGGER will continue to exhibit its PRO and TRANSFER series for 4 days.

Among the exhibited products is the QD model of the Pro Series, which received the 'Best Design Award' at the Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards this year, along with T-Car in the Transfer Series, which received the same award last year.

Over 20 years of engineering and design experience in TRAGGER New Generation Service Vehicle Family

TRAGGER, which is a local investment with its design, engineering and capital, is being produced in Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone in Nilüfer district of Bursa.

TRAGGER Electric Vehicles has been built with over 20 years of design and automotive engineering experience. TRAGGER Next Generation Service Tools; It was born as a result of engineering studies that took into account features such as function, durability, performance and comfort. In the design process of the products, elements such as simplicity and easy perception were taken into consideration.

Designed to be smart and profitable

Designed and manufactured to meet expectations for purchase price and total operating costs, which are critical to service vehicles, TRAGGER Next Generation Service Vehicles help businesses reduce their carbon footprints, while being a profitable investment in terms of total investment costs.

Vehicles that provide economic benefits to businesses with their low operating cost and efficient electric motors also stand out with the opportunity to supply affordable spare parts. TRAGGER New Generation Service Vehicles, which are specially designed for their usage areas, also offer a long service life with their durable structures. Drawing attention with its profitable investment vehicle, TRAGGER Next Generation Service Vehicle Family zamIt also has a user-oriented design.

Transfer Series Tool T-Car offers ideal solutions for tourist facilities

One of the products exhibited at the fair is T-Car; tourist facilities, hotels and resorts with staff and freight transport feature. With an impressive exterior, the T-Car stands out from the competition with its LED headlamps at the front and the stop group design at the rear. The vehicle provides a high level of passenger comfort with its unique knee distance and wide as well as comfortable seats.

High efficiency at TRAGGER is achieved with a 7,4 kW AC brushless electric motor. Thanks to its efficient drivetrain and lightweight structure, T-Car provides trouble-free, uninterrupted and long service life and offers fast battery charging with its high capacity on board charging unit. compared to its competitors is quite advanced. The T-Car is available in three different chassis sizes and can be ordered from 2 to 10 seats.

The Pro Series is the ideal tool in its segment with ideal dimensions and high operating performances

The Pro Series vehicles QD and LC on display are the Next Generation Service Vehicles TRAGGER Pro Series, which contribute to reducing carbon footprints, especially at airports, parks and gardens, factories, confined spaces, campuses, freight transport, maintenance services or performing a specific function. supports the Zero Waste targets of the enterprises for a sustainable life with its environment-friendly technology.

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