Dubai Municipality to Sell Dirty Vehicles Left on the Street by Auction

Dubai municipality to sell dirty vehicles on street
Dubai municipality to sell dirty vehicles on street

In the city of Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the municipality continues to fight dirty and abandoned vehicles, which spoil the appearance of the city. Dubai municipality, which has fined $ 136 for not washing your car, has now decided to auction the dirty vehicles that have been parked in the same place for a long time. sitesinin According to the news, Dubai Municipality will first send a warning message to the vehicle owners to pick up or clean their vehicles from where they are located, and will allow 15 days.

If the owner of the vehicle does not come to the car or does not clean it at the end of the given period, the municipality will draw the vehicle to the junkyard. If the vehicle owner does not come to take the vehicle out of the junkyard within 6 months of withdrawing the vehicle, the vehicle will be available for sale at auction.

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