6 Company Competed for Engineering Tender of İzmir Karabağlar Metro

6 Company Competed for Engineering Tender of İzmir Karabağlar Metro; ; In the tender of Karabağlar Metro, 6 company offered price. The tender will be finalized in the coming days.

The third stage was reached in the tender of the Karabağlar Metro project. The price offer envelopes offered by 6 firm were opened in Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Assembly today. The decision of the tender published live on the website of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality will be determined after the commission evaluation. The first stage of the tender was held last August.

The tenders are as follows:

  • RPA SRL 13 million 700 thousand TL,
  • Metro Istanbul Inc. 13 million 855 thousand 200 TL
  • Geoconsult ZT GmbH - TEKFEN Mühendislik A.Ş. 15 million 600 thousand TL
  • Yüksel Proje Uluslararası A.Ş. - Arup Engineering and Consulting Ltd. Sti. 16 million 900 thousand TL
  • Prota Engineering Project Consultancy Services Inc. 21 million 500 thousand TL
  • Su-Yapı Engineering and Consulting Services Inc. 37 million 948 thousand 800 TL

Izmir will be the longest metro line

The project aims to find a solution to the transportation problem in Karabağlar district where the population density is high in the city. The line to be built between Halkapınar and Adnan Menderes Airport will follow the route of Gaziemir, Eskiizmir, Eşrefpaşa, Çankaya, Basmane, Yenişehir and Halkapınar respectively. The 28 kilometer will be the longest metro line in the city, as well as connecting dense residential areas, as well as important business centers such as Cistern, ESBAS, Fair Izmir, Kemeralti and Food Market.

The final project will be completed at 2020. Following the completion of the application and approval process, the tender for the construction of the line will be launched. In case there is no delay in the approval process, construction of Halkapınar-Karabağlar metro line is expected to start after two years.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality will include Karabağlar in the rail transportation network. Project and construction tenders for Halkapınar-Karabağlar metro line started.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is taking new steps to develop 179 kilometer rail system line. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Suburban and Rail System Investments Department, tender for the project of Halkapınar-Karabağlar metro line. The tender took place and the tenders were received. If there is no objection within the legal period, the contract is planned to be signed with the winning company at December 2019.

Construction is expected to start in two years

Final project will be completed by 2020. Subsequently, “approval” applications will be made first to the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments under the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and then to the Presidency of Strategy and Budget. This period is expected to take about two years. Construction tender and construction processes will start with the inclusion of the project in the investment program. An underground 28 kilometer line will be built underground. If there is no delay in the approval process, construction of the Halkapınar-Karabağlar metro line is expected to start in two years.

İzmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer said that the metro line in İzmir Main Transportation Master Plan will be built on the route of Halkapınar Konak Bozyaka Eskiizmir Street-Gaziemir-Yeni Fair Ground-Adnan Menderes Airport. Soyer emphasized that approximately 16 thousand meters of drilling will be done before the construction. The number and locations of the stations are not yet clear. All will be determined during the project phase, in the light of statistical data and surveys conducted with our citizens. In addition to the ongoing Buca subway projects in the tender process, Narlıdere also included the Karabağlar metro line in our agenda. With all these projects, we will have left behind a very important stage in the way of knitting İzmir with iron nets ”.

Halkapınar Karabağlar metro line
Halkapınar Karabağlar metro line

Map of Izmir Metro


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