Ramadan Adjustment to ESHOT, Metro, Tram, İZBAN and İZDENİZ Flights in İzmir

Due to the month of Ramadan, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made changes to the Metro, Tram, İZBAN and İZDENİZ flights on weekdays. Flights before the hour of iftar were frequent. ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses will continue their busy schedules between 16.00-21.00 on weekdays.

Due to the month of Ramadan, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality made changes to the public transportation schedules before the iftar hour on weekdays. ESHOT and İZULAŞ buses will continue intensive schedules between 06.00-10.00 and 16.00-21.00. Between 10.00-16.00, all lines will be operated once an hour. From 21.00 to midnight, 49 main lines will continue on an hourly basis.

Metro and Tram

In Izmir Metro, pre-fast breaking voyages were arranged to be every 16.00 minutes between 21.00-4,5. In the same time zone, Konak Tram will run every 6 minutes and Karşıyaka Tram every 10 minutes.

The subway will be operated every 06.00 minutes between 10.00-5, every 10.00 minutes between 16.00-21.00 and 00.20-30.

Konak Tram will run every 06.00 minutes between 10.00-7,5 and every 10.00 minutes between 16.00-21.00 and 00.20-40. Karşıyaka Tram; It will make a voyage every 06.00 minutes between 10.00-10 and every 10.00 minutes between 16.00-21.00 and 00.20-40.

6 Train in 1 Minutes at İZBAN

On the İZBAN Güney line, four additional flights are planned from Gaziemir to Alsancak direction at 17.16, 17.38, 18.02 and 18.26. Four additional trains will run between Alsancak and Gaziemir on 17.39, 18.03, 18.27 and 18.51. Thus, the frequency of voyages will decrease to 6 in 1 minutes during an hour before iftar in this region where the passenger is the highest.

On the north line, while an additional train will run between Çiğli and Cumaovası at 16.03, 15.38, 16.01, 16.25 will be activated between Çiğli and Menemen. Thus, there will be 4 additional trips in this region.

In addition, the departure times of the trains, which depart every 12 minutes before the iftar, were brought forward one hour. Trains will depart from Friday to Menemen at 15.46 and from Menemen to Friday at 16.09.

The application will be valid on the days when the curfew is not made.

Ships Every Half Hour

In İZDENİZ, the ship voyages on Konak-Karşıyaka line are increased to every half hour between 17.00-19.30 on weekdays. Passenger ships will continue to operate on the Karşıyaka-Konak line between 07.30:09.30 and 17.00:19.00. On the same line, between 08.00-10.00, there will be a flight every half hour. The flights on Konak-Karşıyaka line between 17.30-19.30 every hour; It will be every half hour between 11.30-12.00. During the day, for the bank employees whose shifts start at noon, Karşıyaka-Konak at 07.30; Konak-Karşıyaka flights will be made at 09.30. The car ferries will continue their trips on the Bostanlı-Üçkuyular line on weekdays between 16.30-18.30 and XNUMX-XNUMX.

Konak-Bostanlı Line is also in operation in İZDENİZ

Due to the month of Ramadan, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality made frequent flights to all public transportation vehicles before the iftar hour. Within this framework, the General Directorate of İZDENİZ will resume Bostanlı-Konak flights, which it has suspended for a while, as of Monday, April 27. Between 17.30-19.00 on weekdays, buses will be made every half hour on Bostanlı-Konak line. The ships on the Konak-Bostanlı line will serve every half an hour between 18.00-19.30.

Campaign Programs on the Internet

Updated schedules of all public transportation vehicles can be accessed on the website of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, sites of public transportation institutions and organizations and social media accounts.

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