100. Off-Road Racing Begins

years salvation offroad races started
years salvation offroad races started

100. Years of Independence Offroad Races Started; 100 of Kahramanmaraş's liberation from enemy occupation. the scope of anniversary events in our city, which will last for two days in Turkey Offroad Championship 6. Foot races started. Speaking at the opening President Gungor, offroad sports, such as other sports branches emerged as a requirement to live in society, he said.

Kahramanmaras Metropolitan Municipality with Turkey Automobile Sports Federation and Heroes Offroad Sports Club Association, which will last for two days in cooperation with Turkey Offroad Championship 6. Foot races started. 30 national and 1 team and 24 licensed athletes from different countries will participate in the competitions to be held between November and 44 December in Kapiçam Nature Park.

We are with Sport and Athlete

Mayor of Kahramanmaraş Hayrettin Güngör, who gave a speech before starting offroad races: “This race is the 100 of the National Challenge. Due to the year, “100. Year Salvation ”. On this occasion, I condemn our martyrs and veterans. Like other sports, offroad has emerged as a necessity of unity, togetherness, health, brotherhood, solidarity and living in society, it has grown, developed and has come to date with these values. In addition, as in other sports, Offroad has made great contributions to these vital values. As Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality, we have been providing the necessary training in various sports such as swimming, football, wrestling and providing material conditions in full and providing services in these fields. ”

A Great Opportunity for Young People

President Güngör pointed out that this contest is an opportunity for young people: "Turkey's National Offroad Championship 6. I think the Final Final is a great opportunity for young people. Experiences such as movement, excitement, love of struggle, not giving up, moving together, tasting the spirit of being a team are not few things. Offroad is not only instructive and exciting for the viewer. Making sports competitions in our city is also very important and very valuable in terms of young people's interest in various sports. Such races are almost like a seed in young minds. In the future it will sprout, turn into big trees, perhaps into forests. It will enable the athletes from Kahramanmaraş to succeed worldwide; perhaps it will carry world competitions to Kahramanmaraş.

Offroad Championship 6. We must express our satisfaction with the approval of Kahramanmaraş and the competition in Kahramanmaraş. I welcome all sports lovers and offroad lovers again, and I wish success to all competitors başar.

We are grateful to those who contributed

Then said the AK Party Kahramanmaras Deputy Imran Sword Turkey Championship Offroad 6. Expressing his satisfaction with the fact that the foot races are being held in Kahramanmaraş, he said: “Both 100 is the salvation of our province from enemy occupation. We are pleased with the fact that it is being held in Kahramanmaraş as well as being part of the activities of the year. I thank everyone who contributed and wish success to all our athletes. ”

After the opening speeches, Mayor Güngör and Deputy Kılıç gave the start of the races.

Cup Ceremony 1 in December

At the end of the races that will take place on a lane of approximately 12 kilometers, the awards will be given to the winners with a trophy ceremony at Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Cultural Center on 1 December Sunday.

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