How to Provide Bursa City Hospital Transportation

Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)
Fiat 124 History (Murat 124)

Bursa City Hospital Transport How to provide: Turkey's Bursa xnumx'unc city hospital, City Hospital, was opened today by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Bursa City Hospital with a total bed capacity of one thousand 10, general hospital 355, gynecology and child hospital 308, cardiovascular hospital 222, oncology hospital 271, physical therapy rehabilitation hospital (FTR) 254, high-security forensic psychiatry (YGAP) hospital 200 bed capacity.

Bursa, which has a total 745 bed capacity in 365 different hospitals including general, obstetrics, childbirth, cardiovascular, oncology, physical therapy and rehabilitation (FTR), high security forensic psychiatry (YGAP) and built on an area of ​​6 thousand 355 square meters in Doğanköy district of Nilüfer District. City Hospital 16 begins accepting patients on Tuesday in July. Total 403 clinic, 49 operating room, 217-bed child and adult intensive care unit with a daily 2 thousand 110 patients in emergency response and in total the 36 thousand 200 patients Physics located in the complex structure intended for circulation and Rehabilitation Hospital, Turkey's largest with 200 beds position. Bursa's new health base will be the final preparations for the acceptance of patients in Bursa City Hospital, while the Governor of Bursa Yakup Canbolat, made an evaluation meeting with the city managers in the hospital. Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Provincial Director of Health Özcan Akan, Osmangazi, Nilüfer and Yıldırım Mayors and executives of public institutions participated.

Turkey's most qualified hospital

Provincial Health Director Özcan Akan, in his presentation gave information about the equipment and capacity of Bursa City Hospital. Bursa City Hospital, Turkey's largest, but not flowing stressed that the most qualified hospitals, spanning the public 'city within hospitals will be closed' claim to be clarified. Akan noted that Türkan Akyol Chest Diseases Hospital and Zübeyde Hanım Maternity Hospital will move with risky structure report because they are not in conformity with earthquake regulations. . Despite the fact that the number of beds in the hospitals to be closed is 250, Akan emphasized that the total number of 773 beds and the number of 365 beds will increase together with the city hospital, and that the number of beds in the state hospitals in Bursa will be increased to 109 thousand 5 and this number together with private hospitals. reminded.

Flowing, 10 number of beds per thousand people is above the average of Turkey in Bursa, Turkey, while average 27, they aim to increase the number of beds in Bursa in the 33 soon, he added.

After the presentation of Provincial Health Director Akan Governor Canbolat and Bursa protocol toured the hospital.

Healthy transportation

Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktas, after a hospital visit, said that each beginning will have certain difficulties, but the system will work smoothly as soon as possible. Mayor Aktaş stated that an attempt was made to create a different perception especially through the City Hospital and said, unlar May all our fellow citizens be glad. Our existing hospitals will be revised. Hospitals cannot be cared for years. There's a perfect complex here. All the details have been considered. I hope no one will fall, but those who are waiting for healing in hospital get healing. One of the most curious subjects is transportation to the hospital. In this regard, as the Metropolitan Municipality, we have done our work especially in relation to bus services. We start our bus services based on Demirtas, Bursaray Small Industrial Station and Organized Industrial Zone station on Friday. 7-7,5 will be made once a minute since it will be coordinated with the metro services. This is the first stage of transportation. In the second stage, Bülent Ecevit Boulevard has to reach the hospital. Here, an expropriation of approximately 20-25 million pounds is required. The third stage is to extend the rail system to the hospital. Extension of the labor line by approximately 5,5 kilometers. This will also take an annual process of 1,5 - 2. We do our best to ensure that our people can reach the City Hospital without any problems. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to our city, especially our President and Minister of Health, who brought such a hospital to our city..

From the comfort of a 5 star hotel

Bursa Governor Yakup Canbolat, if any, to see the last deficiencies in place and to produce a solution in a short time to meet with all corporate superiors, then visited the hospital, he said. Canbolat stated that Bursa was given a hospital in the comfort of an 5 star hotel and said, orum I wish our hospital to be beneficial to our country and Bursa. Our government, our government really offers a hospital in the comfort of 5 star hotel to the service of our citizens. I would like to thank everyone, especially our President, who contributed to bringing this hospital to our city. ”

Lines for City Hospital

H / 1 Line Route: Barbaros Avenue - Panayır Avenue - İnönü Avenue - Cumhuriyet Avenue - Osmangazi Avenue - Mustafa Karaer Avenue - Terminal - Bursa Ring Road - Labor Station - Korupark Junction - Bursa Ring Road - Bursa City Hospital - Bursa Ring Road - Izmir Yolu Caddesi - University Station (Return: Same route)

Fee: Full 3,35 TL - Discount 2,70 TL - Student 2,20 TL

H / 2 Line Route: Departure: Organized Industrial Station - Emek Station - Bursa Cevre Yolu Caddesi - Bursa City Hospital

Return: Bursa City Hospital - Bursa Ring Road - Emek Station - Esentepe Junction - Organized Industrial Station

Fee: Full 2,40 TL, Discount 1,90 TL, Student 1,60 TL

H / 3 Line Route: Departures: Small Industrial Station - İzmir Yolu Street - Çalı Junction - Uğur Mumcu Boulevard - Özlüce Boulevard - Çiçek Street - Erdinç Street - Ceviz Street - Göçmen Street - Çiftlik Street - Gümüş Cadde - Bursa City Hospital

Return: Bursa City Hospital - Gumus Street - Ciftlik Avenue - Gocmen Street - Ceviz Avenue - Erdinc Street - Cicek Avenue - Ozluce Boulevard - Ugur Mumcu Boulevard - Izmir Yolu Avenue - Small Industrial Station

Fee: Full 2,40 TL, Discount 1,90 TL, Student 1,60 TL


Bursa Metro and Tram Map

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