New Ford Ranger and Ranger Raptor Challenge the Standards

Bmw Logo Has Changed
Bmw Logo Has Changed

The new Ford Ranger and Raptor, which raises the bar with unique and unrivaled features in its class, offers high performance and superior fuel efficiency with its renewed engine. The new 2.0 liter EcoBlue engine delivers up to 24 percent fuel efficiency, and the 213 PS has a dual-turbo version, while the new 10-speed automatic transmission stands out as the first in this class.

The new Ford Ranger; It redefines the standards in the pick-up market with its advanced technology driving support systems including features such as pedestrian detection and smart speed limitation. Features such as an active parking assistant or an easy-to-open tailgate support daily ease of use. The new Ford Ranger; XLT and Wildtrack equipment packages are offered for sale with 170 PS and 213 PS power 2.0-liter EcoBlue engine options, 4 × 2 and 4 × 4, manual transmission and automatic transmission alternatives.

Ford is also doubling its options with its newest Ranger Raptor in the pick-up market. The new Ranger will be launched in October and inspired by the legendary Ford F150. It brings the toughest terrain conditions to the knee with solutions such as Advanced Suspension System and Land Management System besides tires.

New Ford R

redefining the standards of the anger class

The new Ford Ranger; With its more powerful and more efficient engine, it redefines the standards of its class with the innovative technologies it incorporates. The 2.0 liter EcoBlue diesel engine, which incorporates the most advanced engine technologies, including SCR, the best-selling pick-up model in Europe, offers up to 10 percent fuel efficiency when combined with the new 24-speed automatic transmission. The new 2,0-liter EcoBlue Bi-turbo engine produces extra 213 PS power and 500 Nm torque, despite its smaller volume compared to the 3,2 liter TDCi engine it replaces with 13 PS power and 30 Nm torque.

The new Ford Ranger; With the four-wheel drive system and SYNC 3, it offers users completely new solutions. In this class, the new Ford Ranger, the first pick-up with pedestrian detection, collision prevention system and intelligent speed limiting as standard, offers advanced driving assistance systems that prevent a possible collision or minimize their impact. Powerful versions of the range offer active noise management technology for a more comfortable ride, while the Ranger Wildtrak offers ease of use with equipment such as the easy-to-close tailgate.

The 800 mm (80 cm) has the best water penetration depth in its class and the 230 mm is designed to bring tough terrain conditions to the knee without disturbing the comfort of the driver and accompanying passengers. The 29 degree approach and 21 degree departure angles help to move safely off-paved roads. The outstanding off-road performance is complemented by the 3.500 kg trailer towing capacity and the 1.252 kg loading capacity.

Powerful and highly efficient 2.0 liter EcoBlue diesel engine

The new 2.0 liter EcoBlue turbo diesel engine used in the Ford Ranger combines performance and fuel efficiency. This engine produces 170 PS power and 420 Nm torque at the entry level, consumes 8,3 lt / 100 km fuel and achieves 216 gr / km CO2 emission emissions. The bi-turbo version of the same engine produces 213 PS power and 500 Nm torque. This version consumes 9,2 lt / 100 km fuel and reaches 228 gr / km CO2 emissions.
Thanks to the optimized compact turbocharger, the new engine delivers higher air delivery, especially at lower revs, compared to the 2,2 liter volume TDCi engine, which offers a more vibrant and agile feel throughout the rev range. In the bi-turbo version, which forms the peak of the product range, both turbochargers operate in series for high torque production at lower revs. At the top speed, the small turbo is disengaged and the large turbo continues to work for high power generation.

Gear paths are clear and gear shifts are smooth, with the exception of the six-speed manual gearbox, 170 PS and 213 PS versions can be equipped with a 10-speed automatic transmission unique in this class. Wider range of ratios and real allowing the gearbox to adapt to changing conditions zamFeatures such as instant adaptive gear changes help establish the best possible performance, fuel efficiency or smooth driving characteristics in different driving conditions. According to the data determined by Ford according to real-life driving conditions, the new diesel engine provides up to 4% fuel economy when used with a manual transmission, compared to the engine it replaces, 10% when used with the new 24-speed automatic transmission.

SYNC3 In-car communication and entertainment system

The SYNC 3 connectivity solutions offered in conjunction with the new Ford Ranger allow you to stay connected at any time while driving. Ford's SYNC 8 communication and entertainment system, which can be controlled via simple voice commands or the 3 inch touch screen, makes traveling a pleasure with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ compatibility.

A safer driving experience

The new Ford Ranger is the first of its class to hit the road with Collision Prevention System with Pedestrian Detection and Intelligent Speed ​​Limiting technologies to prevent or reduce impacts. When the system detects a risk of collision, the system first warns the driver audibly and visually and prepares to shorten the response time of the brake pedal and discs if the driver does not react, and the system automatically brakes to reduce the speed of the vehicle if the driver still does not react.

The Intelligent Speed ​​Limiting System combines speed limiting and traffic sign identification technologies and automatically adapts the maximum speed of the Ranger to changing speed limits. The driver uses the steering wheel controls to adjust the maximum speed of the vehicle, while the integrated camera detects traffic signs and reduces the speed of the vehicle if the detected speed limit is lower than the speed set by the driver. If the speed limit increases, the system allows the driver to increase the driving speed to the new speed limit.
For the first time, the new Ford Ranger is equipped with Ford's Keyless Entry and Starting feature, while Active Parking Assist automatically controls the throttle and brake pedal while the steering automatically manages to park the vehicle in parallel parking spaces. Equipment such as Lane Keeping Alert, Lane Keeping Aid, Adaptive Cruise Control, Traffic Sign Identification System, front and rear parking sensors, rear view camera and Electronic Stability Control with Roll-Over Prevention and Trailer Swing Control functions as standard contribute to the driver's comfort and convenience. .

In the new Ford Ranger; The XLT hardware version has different combinations of equipment and engines, including a 170-liter EcoBlue with 2.0 PS power and a 213-liter EcoBlue with a 2.0 PS power in Wildtrack. Depending on the engine and equipment options, besides manual transmission, automatic transmission and 4 × 2 or 4 × 4 traction system alternatives can be preferred. The new Ford Ranger is waiting for customers with prices starting from 200.900 TL.

The new Ford Ranger Raptor: a real off-road pick-up experience

The new Ford Ranger is the most powerful and high-performance version of Europe's best selling pick-up pattern Raptor brings real off-road pick-up performance in October in Turkey. Inspired by the Ford F 150 Raptor, the new Ranger Raptor draws attention with an aggressive and dynamic design, while vibrant colors complement this aggressive and dynamic look. Inspired by the Ford F 150 Raptor, the world's first mass-produced high-performance off-road van, the new front grille completely fills the gap between the high-performance HID Bi-Xenon headlights. Designed to support demanding desert use and complemented by LED fog lights, the front bumper design optimizes airflow in the vehicle body. Fenders are designed to avoid damage from long suspension roads and huge tires in off-road use. The side steps are designed to prevent possible sand, mud and snow spray on non-asphalt roads.

Comfortable interior design and superior functionality solutions

The Ford Performance DNA approach is also reflected in the interior, which is adorned with quality workmanship, harmonious colors and durable materials. The high-quality leather and suede seats provide a comfortable fit for fast off-road driving, while the special double-layer padding grips the body firmly with the material and design used.
The new Ranger Raptor, a true load carrier, offers a trailer towing capacity of 2.500 kg to 4.635 kg depending on the drawbar, while the cargo area 1.560 mm to 1.575 mm can carry a wide range of outdoor equipment, from bicycles to motorcycles and jet skis. With its easy opening and closing tailgate mechanism, 66 offers easy opening and closing of the tailgate with less power requirement. The new Ranger Raptor also offers the best water penetration depth in its class with 850 mm (85 cm).

Performance motor with high efficiency

The new Ford Ranger Raptor is powered by the bi-turbo 2.0 liter EcoBlue engine, which is also used in the Ranger Wildtrack model. In the bi-turbo version, both turbochargers work in series for high torque production at lower revs. While the small turbo is deactivated in the upper revs, the big turbo continues to work for high power generation. This version produces 213 PS power and 500 Nm of torque and transmits its power to the wheels with a new 150-speed automatic transmission, which is also used in the F-10 Raptor model. Wider range of ratios and real allowing the gearbox to adapt to changing conditions zamFeatures such as instant adaptive gear changes help establish the best possible performance, fuel efficiency or smooth driving characteristics in different driving conditions. According to Ford's data determined according to real life driving conditions, this version consumes 8,9 lt / 100 km of fuel and reaches 233 g / km CO2 emission value.

Challenging off-road suspension

The Ranger Raptor, designed to challenge tough terrain conditions, uses a chassis and chassis, reinforced with high-strength mild steel. Compared to the Ranger XLT, the Raptor's advanced suspension, 150 mm wider track range and 51 mm higher architecture allow for fast, safe driving without compromising comfort on the terrain. FOX shock absorbers with Position Sensitive Damping offer high damping force for superior off-road capabilities and lower damping force for smoother ride. The front suspension path was increased by 32 percent, and the rear suspension path was increased by 18 percent. The high-performance 63,5 is supported by mm diameter shock absorbers, protruding front shock absorber towers and aluminum control arms. The new coilover-type rear suspension provides the possibility of raising and lowering the rear of the Raptor in very small lateral movements thanks to its special attachment system.

Different driving modes for best performance

To provide the best possible performance under different ground conditions; Baja, Sport, Turf, Gravel, Snow, Mud Sand, Rock and Normal, with different driving modes Land Management System comes into play. Electronic driving assistance systems, including Ford Stability Control, Trailer Swing Control, Hill Start Assist, Incline Landing Control and Load Adaptation Control, including Roll Over Prevention Function and Electronic Stability Control, support driving safety.

Ford's SYNC 3 communication and entertainment system, used with voice command or scrolling or touch gestures via the eight-inch touch screen, makes driving a pleasure with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto ™ compatibility. The 8 inch touch screen offers rich connectivity and multimedia content, from music to navigation.

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