Turkey's first domestic car in 'Revolution' revived


16 1961 began in June and full day 129 completed Turkey's first indigenous car 'Car Revolution' spirit revived. The team formed by Eskişehir Osmangazi University (ESOGÜ) students started to produce cars under the name of X Devrim26 “.

Devrim26 Team captain Furkan Çitilci; Devrim26's 2017 28 people gathered to participate in the TUBITAK Efficiency Challenge races, said it was a project team. Team captain Furkan Çitilci, who told the team's name and story, mentioned that he bought the first domestic car from 24, which started in June 1961 and completed in full 129 days. The Çitilc; “This story came to a halt in 29 October 1961 due to engine failure in one of the vehicles, and it was said, ik We produced vehicles with a strange mind, and we forgot to put gasoline with the Oriental mind”. However, the 1.400.000 TL investment in the project is empty, the money is going to the garbage and the backstage established against the Revolutionary Car against the Revolutionary car was removed to the museum, ”he said.

Çitilci said that they wanted to see that the car of the revolution was not on the road but on the roads; "Custodian of the Gazi Mustafa Kemal Ataturk founded the Republic of Turkey as we Turkish youth, in order to move our country to more advanced levels, drawing on our in experience stories in 1961 that the museum's location of the Revolution car but rather we want to show that in the way of domestic Turkish automobile. Our goal is to advance to the bright future by establishing an infrastructure that has adopted the national technology move in order to reach further levels. Eskişehir Osmangazi University Devrim26 team as one of the world's largest technology festivals in the category of electromobile Teknofeste by participating in our own motor design will represent our Eskişehir.

Çitilci stated that they will make the project realized a tradition; “By ensuring the continuity of the project team, we aim to produce 100% domestic vehicles by becoming the center where studies will be carried out at innovation and R&D. We will work and produce for a country that believes in effort, wins and believes, and succeeds as we win. ” Devrim26 Team Leader Furkan Çitilci stated that they have made great progress in the project they started and they want support for their projects from all segments. (BSHA - Çağdaş ÖZYAZICI)

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