Rolls Royce Plans to Lay Off 8 Employees

Rolls Royce Plans to Lay Off 8 Employees

Rolls Royce Plans to Lay off 8 Employees. Rolls Royce is generally known as a company that produces luxury cars. But Rolls Royce, the same zamIt is now a very important brand in the aviation industry. Rolls Royce, the aviation industry [...]

rolls royce unveils an electric plane aimed at the records book

Rolls-Royce Unveils Electric Plane Aiming for Records

With the unveiling of the ACCEL project plane at Gloucestershire Airport, Rolls-Royce took an important step towards its goal of producing the world's fastest fully electric aircraft. Zero-emission aircraft entered the record book with a speed target of 2020+ MPS (300+ KMS) in late spring 480 [...]

Goodyear tire 1

Goodyear will supply tires for airplanes

Goodyear will supply tires for airplanes; Goodyear was selected as the rad flight radial tedarikç tire supplier for the main and nose landing gear of Airbus' new A321XLR aircraft. Goodyear's most advanced aviation products rad flight radial ”tires,“ Very Light Steel Wire [...]

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Electric Airplane Makes Its First Flight

The electric plane H55 has completed its first flight. This zero-emission plane for 2 people will be used as pilot training and air taxi. On June 21, 2019, the new electric aircraft H55 using the technological infrastructure of Solar Impulse is the first [...]

Eviation Aircraft

Electric Aircraft Alice Introduced

Electric Aircraft Alice Introduced; Nine-passenger electric aircraft Alice was introduced. Alice is able to reach a height of 10.000 ft with a full lithium-ion battery and can fly 450 miles at an approximate 650 mileage per hour. Automobile manufacturers one by one [...]