Hyundai Designs Three New Concepts Together with University Students

Hyundai Designs Three New Concepts Together with University Students
Hyundai Designs Three New Concepts Together with University Students

Hyundai European Design Center realized a joint design project with Turin Istituto Europeo di Design, the famous Italian design institute. Within the framework of this cooperation, the graduation thesis of the students who graduated from the "Transportation Design" department in the 2021-2022 academic year were discussed. It is exactly 4,40 meters long and powered by a hydrogen powertrain. zamWhile the concepts that combine driving pleasure with high performance were prepared with the imagination of the students, Hyundai European Design Center shared its experiences with young talents.

Continuing their studies under the leadership of Hyundai Europe's Chief Designer Thomas Bürkle, the students also contributed to Hyundai's brand vision of “Progress for Humanity” with the outstanding drawings they prepared in this important project. It's not just about the designs they've prepared, but also zamThe students, who also helped Hyundai's vision to become an Intelligent Mobility Solutions Provider, also supported sustainability from an environmental, social and economic perspective.

In the project, in which a total of 11 students from 43 countries participated, the design processes of a car, brand and market analysis, style research and sketches, and many stages from 3D modeling to 01D modeling were emphasized. The students, who handled all the processes from A to Z in detail, prepared three different concepts, HYDRONE_1, ASKJA and AVA. The first of the 4:01 scale prototypes, HYDRONE_XNUMX comes from a metastore and a racing game-inspired world. A sporty hatchback dedicated to realistic video driving enthusiasts, this concept looks like it came from classic video games to real life, with shapes and surfaces with distinctive edges.

ASKJA, designed by Adam Marian Cal, Giorgio Bonetti, Riccardo Seveso and Arthur Brecht Poppe, stands out as a new sporty concept. It's a crossover crafted for exploring nature far from the city and surrounded by new terrains, rather than the world of track racing. It has a zero-emission engine and an enhanced driveability for long-distance driving.

AVA is the name of the concept car by Pietro Artigiani, Federico Boasso, Luca Orsillo and Nicolò Arici. This compact coupé, which meets the aesthetic expectations of sports car enthusiasts, is more aerodynamic. The concept, which has a strong front section, especially the headlights, offers an asymmetrical appearance.

A student from our country also participated in this special design partnership realized by IED and Hyundai. Can Ünsal, who took part in the project in the most successful way, also shaped the prepared concept cars with his lines and imagination.

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