Tesla Mount Everest Climbed First Electric
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Tesla Becomes First Electric to Climb Mount Everest

From the days when the performance of the electric car was questioned and it was said that this slope could not be climbed, the world's highest mountain Everest (Qomolangma Mountain / in Chinese) was climbed. zamWe have come to the moments. Of course, the ever-expanding network of Tesla Superchargers made this climb possible. Tesla [...]

Bolukbasidan's Best Performance of the Season
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Best Performance of the Season by Bölükbaşı

Our national athlete Cem Bölükbaşı gave a successful performance in the 2022th leg of the 2 FIA Formula 10 World Championship, which was run on the Hungaroring track in Hungary. The young athlete entered the main race, which took place on Sunday, July 31, in the 16th. [...]