BMW Motorrad's Electric New BMW CE 02 Introduced

BMW Motorrad's Electric New BMW CE Introduced
BMW Motorrad's Electric New BMW CE 02 Introduced

The new BMW CE 02, the model of BMW Motorrad, of which Borusan Otomotiv is the Turkey distributor, re-setting the standards in urban mobility was introduced. The all-electric BMW CE 02 is counting down the days to meet the roads of Turkey with its radical design, range of up to 90 km, light body and extensive customization features.

Positioned in the product range as the accessible model of BMW Motorrad, the New BMW CE 02 appeals to young users in particular. This special model, produced with a focus on urban transportation, stands out with its agile, practical and robustness.

Neither Electric Scooters nor Electric Motorcycles

Supporting durability with its large tires, the New BMW CE 02 brings high level driving pleasure on many terrains thanks to these wheels. Black, which is used as the base color for the headlight bezel and rims, becomes exciting by contrasting with metallic gray, matte gray and glossy colored surfaces for the bonnet. With its Highline version, the New BMW CE 02 has an extroverted and colorful appearance. The gold-coloured fork contrasts with the petrol-coloured band, making the CE 02 dynamic and future-proof even when standing still; The model's distinctive silhouette is rounded off by the long, narrow seat and chassis.

Powerful Engine, Lightweight Body and Satisfying Range

The new BMW CE 02 has an engine option with a power output of 11 kW/15 hp. Thanks to this power output, the new BMW CE 02 offers a dynamic driving experience to its user, and with its range of up to 90 km, it stands by its user on long urban journeys. In addition, the new BMW CE 02 reaches a maximum speed of 95 km / h thanks to its powerful engine. In addition to the 02 kW version, which weighs only 132 kg, the new BMW CE 11 includes a 119 kW option that weighs 4 kg. The new BMW CE 02 has a 750 mm high seat and the same zamAt the same time, it also stands out with its fun handling features.

The hydraulically damped telescopic fork provides the best road grip for the front wheel of the BMW CE 02, while a single-sided shock absorber is used at the rear. The braking system, which ensures the safe stance of the new BMW CE 02, is supported by ABS on the front wheel. The new BMW CE 02 comes as standard with a 0.9 kW charging unit. Highline hardware uses a 1.5 kW external charger that supports faster charging.

Standard Flow and Surf Ride Modes Offered

Flow and Surf driving modes are standard in the new BMW CE 02. While Flow driving mode offers the most suitable usage settings in city traffic, Surf brings dynamism. The optional Flash drive mode is offered in Highline equipment and highlights the sporty aspect of the New BMW CE 02.

TFT Display, USB-C Charging Port and Next-Generation Connectivity

The TFT instrument panel, which allows easy tracking in the new BMW CE 02, transmits driving speed, battery charge and driving information to the driver. The USB-C charging port in the cockpit allows faster charging of the smartphone. Thanks to the BMW Motorrad Connected application, connection via bluetooth is offered to the user. With the Highline equipment, driving information can be saved on the smartphone via the BMW Connected app.