Trilogy of Success from MAN Buses

Success Trial from MAN Buses
Trilogy of Success from MAN Buses

MAN won Europe's biggest bus awards for the third time in a row, breaking new ground among all brands in the industry. While MAN Lion's Coach received the international Coach of the Year award in 2020, NEOPLAN Cityliner won the same award in 2022. MAN Lion's City E, on the other hand, completed the success trilogy of MAN with the Bus of the Year 2023 award it won this year.

The MAN Lion's City 12 E is the first fully electric bus to win the Bus of the Year award. With this award, MAN Truck & Bus succeeded in bringing home 12 trophies with its bus brands. Six of them were Coach of the Year awards (2022, 2020, 2006, 2004, 2000, 1994) and six were Bus of the Year awards (2023, 2015, 2005, 1999, 1995, 1990). Thus, MAN Truck & Bus further consolidated its success in the sector as a company that won a series of awards.

Moreover, the buses not only attracted the industry expert journalists who made up the jury, they also zamAt the same time, MAN made its customers extremely happy.

Lion's Coach, MAN's 2020- Coach of the Year award-winning model, stands out as a travel giant. It has the capacity to carry 61 passengers in its spacious, comfortable interior. With its powerful MAN D26 engine, the bus reaches its destination comfortably and quickly, with up to 510 horsepower. In addition, the safety of the vehicle is further enhanced with a series of new generation assistance systems. The judges emphasized the vehicle's overall comfort, innovation and ease of use, along with distinctive features such as the incredibly efficient powertrain that uses just 100 liters of fuel per 19,4 kilometers, the OptiView system that replaces the mirrors, and the clever integration of the wheelchair lift onto the front axle.

NEOPLAN Cityliner, on the other hand, continues its 1971-year success story uninterruptedly since the first production of the Cityliner in 50. The judges were particularly impressed by the vehicle's overall concept, which blends economy, safety, comfort and design. Cityliner's high-performance drivetrain with a modern Euro-6 six-cylinder engine works in perfect harmony with the 6-speed automatic transmission. This allows the vehicle to easily tackle difficult roads, especially steep slopes and tight bends. The ultra-modern interior also offers its passengers a relaxing travel environment.

The latest about the MAN Lion's City E, which stands out with its achievements. zamMuch has been written at the same time. In May of last year, the MAN Lion's City E traveled all the way from Munich to the international Bus Euro Test held in Limerick, Ireland, with only its own power supply. During the journey, he passed eight countries and covered about 2.500 kilometers. He drove through the Alps, highways, narrow streets and even used a ferry crossing the Atlantic.

The jury particularly praised the vehicle's "breakthrough design, high level of comfort and very quiet interior". The driver's cabin of the vehicle, which offers the highest level of safety, has become one of the best cabins on the market. The all-electric bus used a total of 1.764 kilowatt-hours of energy on its European journey, achieving an impressive recovery rate of around 21 percent. The vehicle's long daily range did not require it to stop at any point to recharge the battery.

Since the start of sales in 2020, MAN customers in Europe have already ordered over 1.000 fully electric MAN Lion's City E buses. Already on the road in European cities such as Barcelona, ​​Hamburg, Copenhagen, Malmö and Zurich, the MAN Lion's City E is preparing to introduce zero emission travel to the streets of many more cities very soon.

Even though the sector has taken some blows in recent years due to the Covid and the Ukraine war, and sales have fallen, especially in intercity buses; this passion continues to enable the strong bus team to overcome the challenges of the highly competitive market day by day and look to the future with confidence. Positioning itself in an ideal position to develop itself positively in the bus segment with its innovative vehicles and highly motivated team, MAN is already ready for many more awards with its bus brands.

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