German Car Manufacturer Opel: The Chip Crisis Is Over For Us, The Main Problem Is Logistics

German Car Manufacturer Opel Jeep Crisis Is Over For Us The Main Problem Logistics
German Car Manufacturer Opel Chip Crisis Is Over For Us, The Main Problem Is Logistics

The automotive industry has been going through one of the biggest crises in its history for the last 2 years. The semiconductor electronics crisis, in other words the chip crisis, that started at the beginning of 2021, has dealt a major blow to automotive production worldwide. Then, in the developing process, the automotive industry also faced new crises such as different raw materials, supply and logistics. The Russia-Ukraine war that broke out in March 2022 added a new one to the supply crises in the sector.

According to the research of Allianz Trade, all these crises, especially the chip, caused a loss of 18 million units in global automotive production. It was reported that the cost of the chip crisis only to the European automotive industry reached 2 billion euros in 100 years. While the chip crisis shows its effect in the sector financially, it manifests itself in the form of not being able to find a vehicle at the dealership before the consumer.

'The car produced is waiting at the factory'

According to the news of Yiğitcan Yıldız from Habertürk, while the crisis in the automotive sector continues at full speed, a remarkable statement came from the German automobile manufacturer Opel.

Opel Turkey General Manager Emre Özocak stated that the chip crisis is no longer a problem for them. Explaining that the main reason why there are not enough vehicles at the dealers to meet the demand is the logistics-related problems, Özocak said, “The chip crisis is over for us. As a brand, we have not experienced a shortage of raw materials in production for months. But we have difficulties on the logistics side. Vehicles are produced but have to wait at the factory. The ports are full, so we are having trouble bringing our cars by ship. In order to overcome this, we are working on different solutions such as bringing the vehicles by rail with additional costs.”

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