Opel Mokka Electric Increases Range

Opel Mokka Electric Increases Range
Opel Mokka Electric Increases Range

Opel Mokka Elektrik, one of the most preferred battery electric models in Europe, will be able to travel up to 54 kilometers without emissions, instead of 327 kilometers according to the WLTP norm, with its new 403 kWh battery. With this improvement, the model's range has increased by 23 percent, while energy consumption has dropped to 100 kWh per 15,2 kilometers (WLTP). Mokka Elektrik not only offers a high level of efficiency. same zamIt also offers superior driving pleasure with its electric motor producing 115 kW/156 hp and 260 Nm torque at the same time.

Mokka Elektrik, which has more power and longer range, draws attention as another example that reveals Opel's electric move and its stability in the transition to electric. Twelve electrified Opel models are currently on sale, including the entire light commercial vehicle product range. The brand will launch an electric version of each model by 2024, and by 2028 Opel will become an all-electric brand in Europe.

“Mokka Elektrik is now stronger and more efficient”

In his assessment, Opel CEO Florian Huettl said, “E is leaving its place to Elektrik. We underline that with the new suffix, Opel Mokka offers more electric driving pleasure. Mokka Electric is an electric vehicle like no other in its segment. Since its launch, our compact SUV has impressed people with its bold and simple design, unique character and everyday use. With a new electric motor and a larger battery, Mokka Elektrik is now more powerful, more efficient and offers a longer range to its users. However, it best reflects Opel's 'Greenovation' approach," he said.

“Electric SUV pioneer, even better as Mokka Electric”

The Mokka showcases Opel's innovative, forward-looking and exciting approach to mobility. The stylish SUV is not only the first Opel to hit the road with its new brand face, the Opel Visor. zamIt was also the first Opel to use an all-digital Pure Panel cockpit at the time. In addition, it was the first Opel to feature an all-electric powertrain and highly efficient internal combustion engines from the moment it went on sale. This also gave customers the freedom to choose the powertrain option that best suited their needs. This choice was mainly in favor of electric. In November, at least 65 percent of all Mokka customers in Germany chose the locally emission-free, battery-electric model, which is now even better.

“The ideal companion both in the city and on long trips”

According to the WLTP norm, the range of up to 403 kilometers is 23 percent more than the range offered today. Therefore, whether in the city or on long trips, it also means a versatile electric driving pleasure suitable for daily use. The energy is stored in the new 54 kWh lithium-ion battery. Engineers placed great emphasis on battery efficiency. Thus, they offered an exemplary driving range to users with a compact battery size.

“Zero emissions and high driving pleasure standard”

As with all fully electric Opel models, Mokka Elektrik's 54 kWh battery is located under the body. Thus, there is no need to compromise on passenger or luggage space. Thanks to the battery placement that lowers the car's center of gravity, Mokka Electric offers excellent handling characteristics, while increasing safety and driving pleasure. With 115 kW/156 hp power and 260 Nm torque available from the first touch of the accelerator pedal, Mokka Electric provides rapid acceleration and accelerates from 10 to 9 km/h in under 0 seconds (100 seconds according to the latest data). Its maximum speed is electronically limited to 150 km/h.

“Three different driving modes”

Depending on the current driving preference, Mokka Elektrik user can choose between three driving modes: Eco, Normal and Sport. The electric SUV moves with the highest energy efficiency with a range-oriented approach in Eco mode. Thanks to its advanced technology regenerative braking system, Mokka Elektrik can recover energy during deceleration or braking. Thus, it converts the electromotive momentum into electrical energy. When the driver uses the transmission in B mode, recovery and braking torque increase. In addition, for the compact SUV charging requirement, the 54 kWh battery can be charged up to 100 percent in about 30 minutes at a 80 kW DC charging station. Mokka Elektrik is equipped with a fast charging function as standard. Apart from direct current, Opel drivers can also charge with an 11 kW integrated charger, a three-phase alternating current wall charger module or a cable suitable for a household socket.

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