The New Driving Licenses Will Have TOGG Silhouette and Turkey Will Be Written Instead of Turkey

The New Driving Licenses Will Have TOGG Silhouette and Write Turkey Instead of Turkey
The New Driving Licenses Will Have TOGG Silhouette and Turkey Will Be Written Instead of Turkey

Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu announced that the silhouette of TOGG will appear in the newly designed e-drive documents. In addition, the validity period of green passports increases to 10 years.

Minister Süleyman Soylu announced that the serial production of the domestic passport, whose design studies and pilot production have been successfully completed, has reached the final stage.

Minister Süleyman Soylu, at the press conference held at the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs, introduced the domestically produced e-Passport and the new e-Driver license and the e-Blue card. He stated that it was obtained from a company.

Stating that there is a chip supply crisis in the world, Minister Soylu said that the company from which the passports were obtained also had difficulties in meeting the demands. Soylu said that efforts are being made to avoid any problems with the stocks supplied previously.

Pointing out that many countries in Europe have returned to old passports due to the problems in the supply of chips, Minister Soylu said, “With the work of the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, the General Directorate of Mint and Stamp Printing House, our President also expressed yesterday, the new domestic e-Passport design works. and successfully completed the pilot production. We are at the final stage for mass production. Our Honorable President also announced yesterday, I hope we will produce our own e-Passport in August.” shared his knowledge.

Stating that many security codes are placed on passports, Minister Soylu noted that the new domestic passport has many innovations with its security features and technology.

Minister Soylu continued his words as follows:

“Our new domestic e-Passport has a contactless chip with TÜBİTAK AKİS operating system and many new security elements. In addition, the new domestic e-Passport will be replaced by the expression 'Turkey' for the first time with the instructions of our President, instead of 'Turkey'. Its design is an original design. On each page of the passport, there will be visuals related to the historical, cultural and spiritual values ​​of different cities of our country, and a special plant image belonging to each city, specific to the city. In addition, the validity period of the green passport, which was 5 years before, in new e-Passports, increases to 10 years with the new generation domestic e-Passport.”

Showing the new domestic passports, our Minister Mr. Soylu emphasized that the photograph of the Hagia Sophia-i Kebir Mosque Sheriff will appear on the middle page of the passport.

Turkey Will Write Instead of Turkey

Minister Soylu reminded that since 2016, the use of new generation driver's licenses has been started and that the renewal of driving licenses is also discussed along with passports.

Explaining that the driver's licenses were also redesigned, Minister Soylu said, "The new e-Driver license has also been technologically developed using a contactless chip, and the security level has been maximized." said.

Emphasizing that for the first time, the word "Turkey" will be used instead of "Turkey" in the new driver's licenses, as in the passports. Soylu stated that there is only one photo in the current license, and now, double windows, that is, double photos, will be used in the new license for security purposes.

Stating that the car logo on the driver's license will be "TOGG", Minister Soylu stated that the security of driver's licenses has been brought to a high level. Our Minister Mr. Süleyman Soylu said, “Everyone does not have to change their driver's license immediately, it can be changed as soon as the other driver's licenses expire. There is a period of 10 years for class B licenses and 5 years for heavy vehicles. zamThis license will be used as Turkey's new driver's license at the moment and in new licenses. he said.

Minister Soylu stated that the blue card made with "paper material" will be converted into a high-security e-Blue card with a contactless chip, which contains biometric data, for those who are Turkish citizens by birth and subsequently renounced their citizenship for various reasons, and for their relatives up to the third degree.

Our Minister Mr. Soylu added that the chip change in identity cards will be provided by the mint, TÜBİTAK and the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs.

New Agreement with Hungary

Upon a question from a journalist, Minister Soylu said, “We will start printing new e-Passports as of August. Existing ones for both driver's license, blue card and passport will be used. When it expires, the refresh will be provided whenever it needs regeneration. We are not forcing anyone. Those who want to issue a new passport will be able to issue these passports as of August. We will also use our stocks in other passports. We will also print our own passport. Thus, we will not have a passport problem.” used the phrase.

Noting that a contract will be signed with Hungary on the printing of passports, our Minister Mr. Soylu said, “We are negotiating with Hungary about a backup for each other. When there is a problem at the passport printing centers here or at theirs, we will have the ability to print their passports and they will have ours. long with Hungary zamWe've been working ever since.” he said.

Our Minister Mr. After his statements, Soylu, together with journalists, examined the places where passports, driver's licenses and IDs were printed.

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