Asterion Battery Energizes Motobike 2022

Asterion Battery Powered Motobike
Asterion Battery Energizes Motobike 2022

Asterion Battery, which specializes in motorcycle batteries and is owned by renewable energy systems manufacturer Energon Turkey, was one of the notable participants at the Motobike 2022 Fair. The company, which has been growing rapidly in Turkey since 2020, introduced the CT and the new EPS Extreme power series at the fair.

While motorcycle batteries enable the ignition to occur in the engine, it is one of the most important parts that feeds electrical instruments. Motorcycle batteries, which can be of various sizes and shapes, are generally produced with similar technologies, although they have different structures. Asterion Battery's CT and EPS Series batteries are produced with AGM technology, which offers 35% more capacity than standard batteries. CT and EPS Series motorcycle batteries, which do not require any solution addition, maintenance or charging, work on the plug-and-play principle.

“You can buy Asterion batteries from any dealer and start using them right away,” says Energon Turkey Country Manager Can Yaşar, “You don't need to add solution or charge. This saves you a lot of time and does not endanger your health. We believe it is a very important advantage for both end users and motorcycle services. We offer a 2-year warranty on all our batteries. While the CT Series offers precise ignition at -25 degrees, it reaches -50 degrees in the EPS Series. We really trust our solutions that are resistant to all kinds of environmental conditions, and we are ready to cooperate in the industry for independent tests. We create value and sustainable profitability with our solutions in every business line we are involved in. ”.

We Continue to Expand Our Coverage

Asterion motorcycle batteries meet with end users at more than 100 points across Turkey today. Barış Yılmaz, Sales Manager of Asterion Battery Motorcycle Batteries: “We know very well that our business partners are the most important factor for possible growth scenarios. For this reason, we continue to expand our coverage with partners that we believe can create mutual benefits. We are also working on financial options and solutions. We are taking and will continue to take steps that will make it easier for us to bring our solutions to end users. We also have development programs for sales and service points that want to work with us.”

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