40 Kilometer Memory of Coffee with Suzuki

Kilometers of Coffee with Suzuki
40 Kilometer Memory of Coffee with Suzuki

The Marmaris camp of Boostcamp, a sports brand that opened up to the world from Turkey, brought together 200 local and foreign bicycle lovers. In the camp, which was realized with the support of Suzuki, each cyclist rode on a route suitable for his/her performance level with the group suitable for their performance level for 5 days. Suzuki, which is among the sponsors, took part in the event with Vitara and Jimny models. It provided the driving safety and comfort of cyclists driving on public roads. Instant technical support was provided to cyclists who had technical problems, and food and water support was provided during breaks in response to the energy needs needed during long rides. On the last day of Boostcamp Marmaris, a bicycle ride was carried out on the Suzuki Coffee Ride route.

Represented by Doğan Trend Automotive, Suzuki continues its support for cycling. Now, the brand has established a throne in the hearts with the support it gives to Boostcamp. In the 5-day camp, 200 cyclists opened the season with more than 400 km of roads and 7.000 meters of climbing. The opening of Boostcamp Marmaris, which is also supported by Suzuki, Muğla Governor Orhan Tavlı, Muğla Provincial Culture and Tourism Manager Zekeriya Bingöl, Marmaris District Governor Ertuğ Şevket Aksoy, Youth Sports Provincial Manager Ömer İlman, Cycling Federation President Emin Müftüoğlu, Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA) ) Director Ceylan Şensoy.

The bike camp supported by TGA aims to breathe new life into Turkish tourism beyond supporting the pre-season preparations of local athletes. In parallel with this, foreign cyclists took part in the first camp this year. Alberto Elli, who managed to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France, said, "Turkey can be a popular destination like Italy and Spain with its beautiful geography, convenient roads and great climbing." On the last day of the event, the Suzuki Coffee Ride stage was passed and there was a pleasant surprise for the cyclists in the last part of the ride. Coffee was served at the mobile coffee station set up behind Suzuki's iconic model Jimny.

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