Automotive Loan Stock Exceeds 100 Billion TL

Automotive Loan Stock Exceeds 100 Billion TL
Automotive Loan Stock Exceeds 100 Billion TL

While the stock of individual and commercial loans grew by 2021% in 37 compared to the previous year, reaching a total size of 4 Trillion 901 Billion TL, the stock of automotive loans increased by 55% to reach 104 Billion 688 Million TL.

“45 percent of Individual Loans are from Financing Companies”

Stating that 2021 percent of the 104 Billion 688 Million TL loan at the end of 23 is personal automotive loans, ALJ Finans CEO Betügül Toker said, “In 2021, the stock of personal automobile loans is 24 Billion 2 Million TL, and the stock of commercial automobile loans is 80 Billion 686 Million TL. total of 104 Billion 688 Million TL. 36 percent of the total stock of automotive loans was provided by financing companies. In personal automotive loans, this rate was 45%.” evaluated as.

“One out of every four vehicles we loan is hybrid”

Evaluating the 2021 year of ALJ Finans, Toker said, “In 2021, while the automotive loan stock of financing companies grew by 38 percent, the loan stock of ALJ Finans grew by 56 percent; The market share, which was 2020 percent at the end of 4.5, increased to 2021 percent at the end of 5.03. On the basis of new loans, we, as ALJ Finans, achieved an increase of 2021 percent in our new loan production volume and 64 percent in the number of new loans in 19, compared to the previous year. While 60 percent of our loan production volume was for second-hand vehicle loans, 20 percent was new vehicle loans and 20 percent was stock financing. The share of hybrid and electric cars, which are expected to replace internal combustion engine cars in the future, in ALJ Finans new vehicle loans is also increasing; One out of every four vehicles we credit in 2021 is a hybrid. While the average loan amount in new car loans was 144 thousand, it was 93 thousand in second-hand car loans. As a loan term, 33 months on average were preferred.” said.

“We aim to grow our loan portfolio by 50 percent”

Toker's 2022 targets are as follows: “The year 2022 is a year in which we aim to grow by focusing on the customer. In addition to our dealer network, we will be a company that uses customer data effectively, understands customer needs before the customer, and offers personalized experience with our proactive solutions. We continue to make our technological investments to increase our field competence and to develop the necessary automations in line with the needs. Data and technology will be our strongest muscle. When we look at vehicle sales, we see that over 1.5 million second-hand passenger and light commercial vehicles are sold in the online vehicle market. In this sense, digitalization is very important for credit institutions like us. We plan to be the fastest and most dynamic financing company in the industry, with our digitalized service structure, strong technological infrastructure, and the customer in our focus. We expect our loan portfolio to grow by more than 2022 percent in 50. As one of the companies operating with the lowest NPL ratio in the sector, we aim to increase our profitability significantly, as in previous years, along with growth.” spoke as.

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