Artificial Intelligence Support in Automobile Photography: Autofox

Artificial Intelligence Support in Automobile Photography Autofox
Artificial Intelligence Support in Automobile Photography Autofox

The importance of online channels in the used car trade is increasing rapidly. The growth rate in the remote trading market, which has accelerated with the effect of the pandemic, also attracts the attention of entrepreneurs. Close zamThe attractiveness of online second-hand trade, which attracts significant investments to our country, also leads to an increase in technology investments. One of them was Autofox, which entered our country with Doğan Trend Otomotiv, an artificial intelligence supported vehicle image optimization solution. Doğan Trend Automotive, which accelerates its investments with leading brands in the automotive and mobility field and retail services; With this new collaboration, it aims to offer a solution to the digital transformation in the automotive industry. Detailed information about the Autofox application can be found at

The number of vehicles offered for sale in digital communication channels in Turkey has grown by 5% or more each year in the last 100 years, reaching over 6 million. The main reason for this increase is the demand of users in the automotive sector, as in all sectors, to access fast and comprehensive information through online sales channels due to digital transformation. This demand has made professional vehicle photography much more important. Vehicle studio shots used in digital communication channels are cost and cost-effective for all relevant segments in the automotive industry, including companies selling vehicles, authorized dealers, fleet rental companies. zamwhile causing more labor in addition to loss of time; The Autofox application captures the vehicle at its location with a simple smartphone camera and transforms the photograph into studio quality images in seconds by optimizing the photograph with the desired background and corporate identity thanks to its artificial intelligence infrastructure.

Making an evaluation on the subject, Doğan Trend Automotive Business Development Director Cem Aşık said, “With Autofox, it is possible to photograph optimized vehicles with corporate company logos in studio quality, without the need for special equipment, using only a smartphone. With the interface developed with commercial users in mind, all transactions can be easily performed by the user himself. Autofox, which we think will attract the attention of auto galleries, commercial vehicles and automotive companies, works on a membership basis. After user training and password identification, we started to collect membership requests for the system, which can be used easily. First impressions and our testing process are very positive.”

Kağan Dağtekin, CEO of Doğan Trend Automotive Group, said, “The automotive industry is in a state of transformation and change in every aspect. Like all industry players, we work to adapt to this transformation and follow the innovations. Our business development unit, which works like an investment office within our company, both follows the trends and constantly examines new initiatives from our country and abroad. We met Autofox, headquartered in Germany, while looking for a solution to support our own processes. We were intrigued by the artificial support solution, and while we were only looking for a solution for ourselves, we became a business partner in Turkey, thinking that it would also attract the attention of the industry. As Doğan Trend Automotive; We are striving to be at the center of technology and electrical transformation in this period when automotive evolves into mobility.”

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