What is Auto Expertise? How Does Auto Expertise Dealership System Work?

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There are many problems due to the fact that the cars that are claimed to be accident-free and that all their maintenance is done without interruption later turn out to be the opposite. You should state that you want to get an auto appraisal report when you meet with people who try to deceive you with such claims and statements that are widely used in the market and that you should definitely not believe, or rather try to sell your vehicle to you. You can learn the actual damage status of the vehicle more objectively and access the vehicle's historical records.

Expert means a person who has technical knowledge on a particular subject. Second hand auto expertise On the other hand, it means that the masters of this business examine the technical devices and equipment and automobiles in detail and express their opinions about them. Auto appraisal processes are close to the parts that have been changed from the previous accidents of the vehicle, to the places where the mechanical parts deteriorate. zamIt consists of examining the car up to all the points that can cause costs at the moment. We will give detailed information about these processes in our article.

When the auto appraisal process is completed, a written report and information is presented to the person requesting this process. Auto appraisal is a very important process since you will be faced with much more troublesome results in case of purchasing a second-hand car. The seller is free not to accept any liability for vehicles purchased without an auto appraisal process.

In general, the vehicle appraisal process is applied for second-hand vehicles. While the seller wanted to sell the vehicle, he may not have given detailed information about the vehicle or may have hidden the actions such as impact or change in the vehicle. same zamThere may also be other defects in the vehicle that are not known to the dealer at this time. That's why you need to show it to an auto appraisal specialist to make sure the vehicle is clean. In this way, you can reach all the details such as what conditions exist inside and outside the vehicle, whether it is clean or not.

What is Auto Expertise Report?

The appraisal examines the vehicle down to the smallest detail. A professional appraisal in the business will first inspect the exterior of the vehicle. Then, after examining the interior parts of the vehicle in detail, it creates the report. There is an example of the checked area of ​​the vehicle in the report. If the interior of the vehicle has been checked, the contents of the substance are checked with a visual suitable for this area. Apart from these itemizations, the appraisal note indicates in detail the changed or accidental points of the vehicle. The appraisal process is a process used in many different fields. It represents a precedent of trust in vehicles.

There is no specific validity period for the auto appraisal report. You need this report before you sell or buy your vehicle. In this way, the vehicle will be sold more quickly. same zamThis is also presented as a trust report for the person who bought the vehicle at the same time. Although there is no specific validity period for the auto appraisal report, it is always up to date. zammoment matters. Apart from the vehicle's appraisal report, you can also make a Tramer query. Thanks to this query, all insurance information of the vehicle is kept as a data.

You can find many different information on second-hand vehicles, such as clean, undamaged or little used. This report is also very important for using a vehicle for long periods of time. After the report is prepared, it is sent to the requested person. This report, which secures the information given by the seller, also protects the seller against problems that may occur after the sale. This process, which also protects the rights of the buyer, will also foresee whether the cost to be made to the vehicle covers the value.

What are the Advantages of Auto Expertise?

The vehicle appraisal process examines the details that users cannot see. These are the details that even users cannot see. For example, it is possible to understand that the air conditioner is not working after you buy the vehicle or in your examinations before you buy it. However, it is not possible to understand what type of negative situation there is on the air conditioner or on the engine. For this reason, an auto appraisal report is required where you can access all the information of the vehicle.

How is Auto Expertise Done?

We have made a general definition for you when it comes to what is auto expertise. However, a general definition for auto appraisal zamThe moment is not the right action. For this reason, it is necessary to address the question of how to make an auto appraisal and explain it in detail. This transaction is very important for both buyers and sellers. Before the operation to be carried out by the expert, the vehicle must come to the service in a clean manner. A paint check on a dirty vehicle will not give an accurate result.

It is first taken to the suspension test for a clean appraisal. In the suspension test, the suspensions of the four wheels are controlled by a computerized machine. During the test process, it is checked whether there is a loss of resistance, whether there is any ruptured area, and whether it fulfills its task completely.

After the suspension control, the brakes of the vehicle are checked with a brake tester. Brake tightening value is tested by a machine. To give an example of the spin value, if a vehicle traveling at 130 km/h brakes, an unbalanced vehicle will pull to the right or to the left. Balance should be even on all four wheels. One wheel braking less than the other will cause the vehicle to skid.

After the brake test, the dynometer, that is, the engine condition test, is performed in the vehicle appraisal process. For the dynometer test, the vehicle must be lifted onto the lift. Before the dynometer test of the vehicle lifted by the lift, it is checked whether there are any impacts or breaks on the transmission part, the engine area or the drivetrain. If there are problems such as oil leakage in this area, this is reported. The dynometer process will also push the final limits of what the vehicle's engine can produce. This forcing process can be dangerous if there is a deformation. After the controls are done, the Dyno test is done.

After the dyno process, the vehicle is taken back on the lift and connected to the diagnostic test process. In this test, the vehicle brain is checked. If there is a malfunction in the vehicle computer, it is revealed with this code and a report is kept according to the code. In this test, the information of the fault codes that are not presented to the driver are obtained.

In addition to all tests, the handbrake test is also performed. Thanks to this test, the entire vehicle appraisal process proceeds safely. Maximum left and right brake forces are measured. Then, the contribution margin measurement of the wheels according to the braking intensity, the calculation of the percentage of difference between the right and the left wheels, the calculation of the percentages of the brakes according to the braking intensity, the optional arm force measurement and the control of the braking system adequacy according to the vehicle weight are performed. After these procedures, all the safety of the vehicle will be ensured as necessary. Finally, all transactions are transferred to the computer and reported to the user.

The appraisal process requires great care and attention to fine details. A process that is overlooked, both during the auto appraisal process and during use by the buyer, can cause greater dangers. All tests are done by masters individually. Therefore, no errors will occur during the tests.

What are the Machines Used for Auto Expertise?

During the testing process, many different machines are used. Auto appraisal machines are applied in accordance with the test and upon completion of other processes, with conformity control. We have specified a few test devices for testing, but the processes are performed with more devices. In general, when looking for auto appraisal machines;

  • suspension tester
  • Systems that provide reports with special writing
  • Body and paint test measuring device
  • Lateral slip tester
  • Computer infrastructure and necessary basic software
  • Lifting Device
  • Diagnostic device
  • battery tester
  • brake tester
  • Tire tread depth gauge
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Dynamometer
  • brake hydraulic tester
  • Compressor and conditioner
  • Paint thickness measuring device

All these devices are devices that should be kept during vehicle appraisal. These are basically the devices that are required and should be used in all the tests looked at. Some auto appraisal companies also use different additional devices in this field. It is offered to you with optional or general package sales. These devices make all the controls for the vehicle error-free and make things easier.

How to Measure Auto Expertise Engine Power?

Engine power measurement is performed to determine how much power the engine produces at each revolution and to show it on the graphic display. If any revision or modification has been made, the before and after power values ​​are compared. In wheel power measurement, how much of the power produced by the engine is transmitted to the wheels is shown on the graphic screen. In torque measurement, how much torque the engine can produce at which revolution is shown on the graphic display.

The maximum torque and the engine speed at which this torque is produced are displayed. In the measurement of friction losses in the driveline, it is determined how much of the power produced by the engine is lost in the transmission, differential and axle, and displayed on the graphic screen.

In the measurement of engine power in various norms, the air temperature, pressure and humidity values ​​at the time of measurement are taken into account and compared with the engine power measurement and catalog data in DIN 70020, EWG 80/1269, ISO 1585, SAE J1349 and JIS D1001 norms.

In the road simulation test, a more suitable situation is created for the detection of faults that occur only under load, as if driving on the road by applying resistance to the movement of the motor. DYNO control, on the other hand, helps to determine the error rate of the vehicle's tachometer and speedometers.

In addition to all these tests, there is a different operation in the handbrake test. Thanks to this test, your auto appraisal processes will proceed safely. The features of the handbrake test system are as follows:

  • Maximum left and right brake force measurement
  • Measurement of the contribution margin of the wheels according to the braking intensity
  • Left and right wheel difference percentage calculation process
    Calculation of brake percentages according to braking intensity
  • Optional arm strength measurement
  • Brake system adequacy check according to vehicle weight

In the standard brake test system, the vehicle's adequacy in braking is reviewed. The features of this test system are as follows:

  • Measurement of maximum braking forces of all four wheels
  • Measurement of contribution margin of all wheels according to braking intensity
  • Left and right wheel difference percentage calculation process on the front and rear axles
  • Calculation of front and rear brake wheel difference percentage according to braking intensity
  • Rear brake restrictor control
  • Balance control of brake forces during braking
  • Optional pedal force measurement
  • Brake system adequacy check according to vehicle weight
  • Brake control before ABS

In addition to the parking brake and brake test system, the suspension test system reveals the vehicle's adequacy in terms of suspension. The suspension test, which is applied according to the standard of auto expertise processes, consists of 5 stages:

  • Minimum holding force of all four wheels
  • Minimum holding frequency
  • Test according to Eusama standards
  • Weight measurement of each wheel
  • Vehicle weight measurement

What is the auto expertise dealership system and how does it work?

Auto appraisal dealership and brands using the auto appraisal franchise system have clearly outstripped their rivals established with individual efforts, the race is now taking place between brands that have proven their success. The generation that grows up with brands makes their choices among branded services.
Thanks to the work done to increase brand awareness, it becomes easier for you to stay in people's minds.

You own the right to use well-known services, trademarks, proprietary information, original designs. The probability of failing in a business that you will establish on your own, with your own means and with your own brand is much higher because you do not have the support and experience behind you. You can get support before and after the establishment of your business in areas such as finance, accounting, personnel training and operational functioning. You will be informed about current developments and changes quickly, and you will adapt easily.

The biggest motivations of entrepreneurs who want to start their own business are to have flexible working conditions, to earn more money compared to an insured job and to do the same. zamto gain prestige.
With the Hospitacar auto appraisal franchise system, you can have all the basic motivations. You will be part of the already standardized and successfully functioning organization, you will not have any difficulty in reaching the target audience you will sell to, and you can earn much more profit than those who start a business from scratch.

Same zamwhat you need to do at the moment zammoment slices narrow and give yourself more zamYou can take the moment. hospitacar For detailed information about Authorized Auto Expertise, you can contact us on our contact page. Moreover, you can make a clear difference to your competitors in terms of gaining prestige.

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