Hyundai and Motional Developed IONIQ 5 Robotaxi

hyundai and motional ioniq developed robotax
hyundai and motional ioniq developed robotax

Hyundai Motor Group has launched a joint project with autonomous vehicle technologies provider Motional. The driverless taxi, prepared using the electric IONIQ 5, will make life easier in cities. As of 2023, driverless taxis will be expanded especially in countries such as America.

Hyundai Motor Group has started to develop joint projects with Motional, the world leader in autonomous vehicle technologies. 5 models of IONIQ, the sub-brand of Hyundai used in its electric models, will be preferred in this project and will be used as driverless in urban transportation. IONIQ 5 Robotaxi, a joint project of both world giants, draws attention as a SAE level 4 vehicle. zamAt the same time, it strikes a terrific balance between electrification and autonomy.

Driverless taxis, which will be used in this special project, which is described as the technology of the future, will be on the roads in many countries of the world as of 2023. Smart, reliable and sustainable, this concept project is Motional's first commercial model. same zamIONIQ 5 Robotaxi, which is currently an important milestone for the development of the company, can move completely by itself through more than 30 sensors placed on its body. The vehicle has combined radars, front and rear cameras, and a special system that detects pedestrians, objects and other vehicles in traffic. The IONIQ 45, inspired by the PONY, Hyundai's first model launched 5 years ago, brought a completely different breath to mobility in the automotive industry. Being one of the pioneers of the automotive world with its technologies and serious investments in R&D, Hyundai created a sub-brand called IONIQ last year to raise awareness in EV models. The E-GMP platform specially developed by Hyundai for electric models has a very compatible infrastructure for Robotaxi's systems. Another reason why IONIQ 5 is preferred in this project is that it has both a very large interior and a long range. The IONIQ 5 Robotaxi will be unveiled at the IAA International Motor Show in Munich from 7-12 September.

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